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  • veqasfletch2001 veqasfletch2001 Jun 9, 2007 3:34 PM Flag

    Text book case of master manipulation

    <<You guys got nothing to complain about. Try being in HSOA. The crimanal manipulation by shorts is unbelievable.>>

    Shareholders got a lot of work to do to fight against the shorts. Some of them are as follow

    1- Keep cash account and ask your broker to not lend your shares
    2- Complain to SEC
    3- Bring more investors by telling your friends and family.
    4- Someone suggested posting on other board in favor of OVTI.

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    • I agree veqasfletch...

      ..but I am getting the feeling that lawsuits may be the only way to beat the hedgefunds and prime brokers. Unfortunately it is costly and the lawyers will suck up a lot of the recovery. The prime brokers have very deep pockets, and so we need someone like Patrick Byrne at Overstock (who has the resources) to be willing to wage the good fight.

      The prime brokers control the DTCC, and the executives at the SEC don't want to upset their future employers (prime brokers, etc.) so they do nothing but meaningless slaps on the wrist within this incestuous group. Congress has done nothing for years and it seems if they will do anything it will be slow in coming. Maybe it is not in there interest to do anything? Who are their campaign contributors?


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