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  • eightysixhumboldt eightysixhumboldt Dec 2, 2008 11:16 AM Flag


    However bad earnings could be, you would believe that at .5 book value is very unusual for a tech company. Shorts are also in a odd ball position here because cash is 270 million and mkt cap is same, debt at 35 million, so what gives?? Recent upgrades lend some confidence and one could say all bad news is priced in. Well see, seeing Spansur here as a long is somewhat encouraging as well because he usually is a short. I think it is a good gamble and I stress gamble because anything is possible in this market. Couldd open at $7.00 tomorrow and run to 10$ on covering, could open at 4.5$ and fall to 4$. glt

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    • You're right........selling at 50% of book value, and debt free and armed with $300 million in cash. Market cap below cash on the balance sheet. Enterprise value only $55 million.

      The market is telling us OVTI is worth little or nothing. At $4 it would be better to distribute the cash and disolve the company. Hee, hee, hee!

    • There's even more cash than your quote.

      We're all confused. Company playing its
      cards close to the vest.

      Armed with $300 million I have to believe that Hong is going to announce a major buy back today. I too am confused. Too many design wins.

      I guess medical equipment, security cameras, cell phones are going to disappear. Maybe OVTI is all done. Will pack up it's tent and leave the Bay Area.

      Of course, I would sure hate to be short going into the cc...........

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      • erickarr Dec 2, 2008 11:54 AM Flag

        spanspur, try this on for size. ovti gets 80% of its revenues from china. recently the chinese government proclaimed that it does not want its citizens using chips that are designed or manufactured outside the country (or which are associated with profits that benefit other than chinese companies). Arguably, this means that the chinese gov has decreed that no more of its business go to ovti. so there goes 80% of ovti's revenue.

        I have read the articles talking about the decree and understand the argument. whether it's for real is another issue.

        if you want to research it look for the recent stories that showed that china consumes 1/3rd of the world's chips.

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