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  • spanspur spanspur Dec 2, 2008 12:46 PM Flag


    And does not OVTI produce product in China? If the government of China tryed to mandate such a decree....that country would be immediately sued via the WTO. It would be a slam dunk win
    with massive billions of $$ paid to the awardees.

    I have to're reaching on this one. 80% of OVTI product sold into may want to check that figure.

    Do you sort of sense the tape is beginning to turn against the short sellers? Where do they go from here.
    We're already selling below cash on the balance sheet. Crazy world we live in.

    The Best,


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    • erickarr Dec 2, 2008 1:01 PM Flag

      first, a couple of cc's ago, Paul Coster, my favorite analyst on OVTI, asked Peter to confirm what the percentage revenues from China was. Peter dismissed Paul.

      Later in an analyst note around the time of the start of the Olympics, i read that the percentage was 80% and because of that and the Olympics, business was expected to be slow for OVTI for a while.

      As far as the recent chinese decree--yes--much of ovti's product is produced in Taiwan. The chinese gov wants the products to be produced on the mainland. The decree arguably means that instead of ovti making the profits, some other chinese designer/supplier will. For example, the chinese gov might prefer that Sunny (the biggest cam mftr in china) design, produce and make all the profits from the camera chips.

      here's a link to the chinese story on 1/3rd of chips consumed by China.
      It should be a start for you.

      I never said i bought the argument. i don't believe half the crap i hear from china.

      anyway, the thesis might explain why ovti's share price is where it is today. What's your explanation for the current price spanspur?

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      • Never hurts to look at the angles.

        My explanation is simple. The market is irrational at this time. Naked short sellers are pounding it down.

        The market collapse has been engineered. Chris Cox made sure of that. The subprime issue is real. The lack of credit is controlled. When the insiders want values to go up they will.
        For example: does anyone think that the fall in gas prices is due to dramatic "demand destruction". Just as supposed demand allowed it to go to $4.50 per gal, now $1.75 in California.
        That kind of demand destruction has not taken place.

        Back to OVTI...........I am not sure.
        All analyst predict q to q profitability for all of 2009. The balance sheet is stellar. The product line up appears very strong. Look, the European automotive design win points to the validity of OVTI. You do not incorporate OVTI product into yours if it is not strong.

        Take Caris downgrade. I swear she tacitly works for a hedge fund. She forecasts what she sees (of course late to the game). She speaks in generalizations, her comment on revenues is a joke, but I guess we'll know after the close today. Wouldn't it make sense for the hedgies to be loading all along.

        Who the fock knows anymore..........

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