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  • dannytradesstocks dannytradesstocks Dec 4, 2008 9:37 AM Flag

    ISIL warns 40% sequential decline


    They have exposure to cell phones, LCD TV's and GPS systems and many other apps. Lot's of warnings today. AMD sees 25% sequential declines. ATT, DD, Merck. No place to hide. It's not OVTI specific.

    Once this turns the good news is there will be very easy yoy comps to beat.

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    • Thanks Eric,unfortunately my son agrees with most of what you posted which is not good news.

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      • erickarr Dec 4, 2008 3:35 PM Flag

        bronko, i bet where you think your son and i disagree is, upon further explanation by me, actually an area of agreement.

        where do i and your son disagree? if it has to do w/ real estate and valuations, i may be able to add more color so you will see, your son and i agree on everything.

        keep in mind that the people looking to refi probably have negative net worth and that most people who don't already own a home who can afford to buy one, probably won't buy one since they're afraid of buying a home that goes down in value. much less risky to continue renting.

        down in texas the real estate market is much better than where i am. you guys never really came back like the rest of the country after the s and l crisis w/ commercial real estate. i hear austin is ripe or near ripe for the picking.

        a lot of what you see in equities and treasuries now is irrational flight to safety(bonds) or forced selling (equities/commodities) which cannot be rationalized but should present buying opportunities when the the time is right--after a long lasting bottom has formed.

        your son may be younger than me and may want to get in at or before the bottom. he may think he has more of a tolerance for risk. i am old and can no longer tolerate eating risk on the basis of wanting to make every penny from a move.

        i'd rather wait and only catch half a move with little risk than hop in hoping to catch the whole move and risk losing a bundle.

        to each his own.

    • One out of 3 homeowners in America own their homes free and clear...........

      Short sales are just that. Citi Bank, and the others have been taken care of.
      The entire collapse was necessary, and engineered.

    • Erick,

      A friend of mine is a successful top level mortgage broker. When the industry turned down even the top guys were let go.

      He opened his own firm 3 months ago.
      Great timing on his part. In the last ten days he has been inundated with refi's and a few sales. Never has time to talk.


      He just ordered 10 Dell PC's.........

      Allen Greenspan 5 weeks ago: "real estate values will stabilize in springtime".

      Bill Gross, unofficial consultant advisor to the U.S. Government: "what the governement needs to do is lower mortgage rates dramatically. Real Estate values will take care of themselves".

      I personally will refi one of my ranches, and the beach condo which is free and clear is going to have $400K sucked out of it...........

      Get the idea. Add that with the fact that every $.01 decline in gasoline provides $1 Billion in retail purchasing power. Gas was at $4.50.
      Wall Marts sales up 3.4%..........

      If there's a recession in California it sure as hell isn't a bad one. But yes,
      there is some softness.

    • Valuation of a stock is of secondary importance to those who want to take a tax loss before next year when all earning less than $250k will not have to pay taxes,lol. Good chance the market will go lower. ERIC, you tried to tell us how bad this sub prime problem would be in Oct 07. Now what's your thoughts on when it may clear up?

    • erickarr Dec 4, 2008 1:57 PM Flag

      apples and oranges. would make more sense if outstanding shares were equal, heh? i thought you said ovti would be trading at $47 by now.

    • It is interesting that you bring up ISIL. 63.16% of ISIL's total assets are goodwill and intangible assets. ISIL only has about $ 8 million more in the bank than OVTI and ISIL's stock still trades above $ 8. ISIL has about $ 2.37 per share in cash which is about 12% of total assets. OVTI's cash % of assets is triple that or 37.39% of total assets.

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      • Isn't ISIL's market cap above $1 Billion?

        Didn't the CFO resign today?

        Hong Shaw came up the hard way. Does anyone really think he doesn't know the value of a buck, or is going to throw away his life's work.

        OVTI will come away stronger and with more market share. Hong is 71 plus years of age. As the end game nears, ultimately, OVTI will be acquired in a friendly takeover that transfers all of his efforts. He'll remain on the board of the new company. Consult and work on design issues..........

        Let me assure everyone, the buyout price will be 3 to 5 times more than where it is selling today.

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