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  • spanspur spanspur Jan 29, 2009 3:25 PM Flag

    Major Design Wins/Major Turning Point

    The news is hitting the street. Money has been coming into the issue for several weeks........

    OVTI's technology and service is being selected by the biggest players in the space. For the moment look back to August September 2008. The stock was selling much higher than today.

    What happened? Naked shorting was in full force. Negative economic news was everywhere. Negative news working on the head of investors. Analysts stepped forward with last minute assessments that empowered more naked short selling.

    The common has bounced back, but still sells at a large discount to $12 per share. The company offered cautous guidance of $80 to $100 million in revenues. Since that time major design win after win is coming to light.

    Today's relative strength illustrates where the stock is headed.

    OVTI's business will thrive. The balance sheet is as strong as it gets as a percentage of market cap.

    The Best,

    Spanspur Research, Inc.

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    • erickarr@ameritech.net erickarr Feb 2, 2009 7:33 PM Flag

      agreed synapsid. i'd almost be willing to say that i would not mind seeing flat margins from ovt if by so doing, they were able to add to their market share. but for sure both tsmc and ovt are dropping prices to get the business to help cover their overhead since doing so is probably the most cost efficient alternative. after all, some contribution is better than none.

    • Why did the original poster add the 'naked shorting' stuff? It only deters from his argument of major design wins driving the upward trend of the stock price.

      There have been reports before that OVTI's focusing technology (Wavefront coding) has been ramped into production and there were some design wins. But when you read about the Storm handset being 'insanely slow' you wonder whether it's really ready for prime-time.

      At another level, TSMC is a huge foundry in Taiwan and OVTI is the priniciple driver of CMOS sensors in those fabs. With TSMC running at historically low capacity utilization (<30%) you can be sure that TSMC is giving OVTI huge price breaks to more aggressively win designs on price. So in that sense design wins are not unexpected for OVTI.

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      • erickarr@ameritech.net erickarr Feb 1, 2009 1:00 PM Flag

        synapsid said:Why did the original poster add the 'naked shorting' stuff? It only deters from his argument of major design wins driving the upward trend of the stock price.

        i wondered the same thing until i saw that poster was spanspur who knows very little about trading especially in this stock. if he did know about this stock he'd know it's been well over a year since ovt was on the reg sho list which indicates that for ovt, more than 250000 shares of its shares remain naked shorted on an aggregate basis.

      • erickarr@ameritech.net erickarr Feb 1, 2009 12:56 PM Flag

        if tsmc is extending break even type pricing to ovti, would you expect tsmc to require ovti to extend these break even prices to ovt customers to maximize the potential business that can be used to offset tsmc's fixed overhead? why should ovt make more money than tsmc?

    • We have no idea whether "OVTI's technology and service is being selected by the biggest players in the space." You're not providing us with any evidence for this thesis, other than the recent action of the share price.

      However, the recent increase in share price on low volume shouldn't, in my opinion, necessarily be attributed to new design wins. Leaks about design wins are one possible interpretation for the share price action, but there are other interpretations that are just as plausible, if not more so.

      The only way we'll know about new design wins is when OmniVision announced them or when someone tears apart a new product and finds an OmniVision product inside. Thus far we've had precious little news of either sort for quite some time.

      I remain a long-term bull on OVTI, even after the recent price rise, because I still think the shares are undervalued based on OmniVision's post-recession growth prospects. However, if the shares go up much more I may revise my rating from "buy" to "hold". OVTI is certainly not my largest holding (its one of many stocks I own), but I post to this board more than to other boards, simply because most of the other stocks I follow have dead message boards and I end up talking to myself. Dead message boards are, in and of themselves, a bullish sign, i.e. a sign that now is a great time to be buying stocks. So perhaps I should be a bit concerned that the OVTI board is busy. : )

    • If only you publshed your "trades" before or at the times you "made" them and not afterwards. You are just a smallminded, would be trader, earning a few bucks per post from your boilerroom. Nothing more, nothing less.

      Pathetic is the term, that comes to mind to anyone who read your posts for a while.

      I really feel sorry for you, Eric. Get help........

      I hope that hooker Tuna is able to give you some comfort. But then again: if she new you as well as you say she knows OVT... well..........

    • LOL TrueFocus Poke Us up your ARSE I'll never buy a Storm with a 4 second time delay. Hong has really messed with your head to buy into that smokin pile of shheeet.

      On one hand the BlackBerry Bold was quick and simple to use. Even under low light situations, the Bold took quick snaps of whatever was in front. On the other hand, the 2.0MP camera is limited, doesn’t have strong image processing capabilities, and is very susceptible to graininess under low light. The Storm on the other hand produces relatively decent pictures, even under low light. It has some sort of focusing mechanism even though none of its offficial specifications seem to list it.However, this focusing mechanism causes the picture taking to be insanely slow. If you wanted to ever “catch the moment”, you’d definitely miss the moment using the Storm.

      Take your losses like a man and buy PALM before its to late to ride the Prexpress to a 30 bagger.

    • i AM UP $50k PLUS..............

    • erickarr@ameritech.net erickarr Jan 29, 2009 3:36 PM Flag

      you tard, everything has happened on lame volume....the word design win around ovt is used very loosely.

      when they say we have a number of design wins..do you realize that "1" is a number.

      so far they can boast of the bold and the storm neither of which is a high priced TF part.

      you do not know this company as well as me and certainly not as well as tina007.

      could you please tell me who "design win after win" are with and if your idea of relative strength has anything to do with dollar volume?

      come on devo, mock this guy for not being objective and making a mountian out of a mole hill....
      (insert noise like something profound has just dawned on me) or are you now long ovt which would explain your lack of impartiality??

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      • I did run across the rumour of a design win for the 5642 but nothing could be substantiated. That may have something to do with the recent support. Volumes are low on every stock and have been for awhile now. If you do comparative charting you'll see that nearly all 1yr price charts and volume charts are very similar. I'm not long yet but I'm always watching. Almost everything is just drifting sideways and it may continue indefinitely. I'm only making small trades on events right now.

      • That's what he does. I think he's martin jr. They are counter-balances for your constant negative spin even though they're not very good at it.

      • "which would explain your lack of impartiality??"

        Oh, my God. You are so stupid, you don't even come close to a sane person.

        You (and your many other handles) are trashing OVT 24/7 and you dare to mention impartiality?

        Go see a shrink A.S.A.P. If you can afford a really good one, all hopes for a return to sanity are not lost.

        Though I am not hopefull..........

      • Skeptic...............

        I dare you to short the stock at this juncture.

        This game is about making money. I have
        been experiencing great returns.

        From your narrative I can only assume that you are here because you see the company as a real loser. This is your perrogative.

        I am truly glad that you an Tina know this company better than myself. Watch
        the tape Erick...........OVTI is heading

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