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  • dogmike654 dogmike654 Mar 1, 2011 11:55 AM Flag

    Strange up and down thing they got going on here

    I hope we settle on the up range. I think we take off on another upward run soon. GLTA

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    • Bend and spread plus flag and pole, you and ovticheer could rewrite technical analysis as we know it! Keep up the good humor.

    • Ummm, skiidady, I was making fun of it. LMFAO!!! TA is such BS that its "practitioners" can't tell the difference. A BEND-AND-SPREAD formation?? You are freaking idiots

    • This is the classic Flag and Pole. Notice the volume gets smaller and smaller throughout the day. A large volume tomorrow with an uptrend will confirm the Flag.

    • Maybe the whiplash is due to the startling realization OVTI IS the real deal and the manipulators are hearing from the SEC. Not like theres not smoke visibile.

      I think the best comments on the topic are in the Investopedia article:

      "The Road Ahead ... Probably More Skepticism
      Nonprofessional investors may not appreciate a somewhat controversial aspect of the sell-side research game, one that may play a big role in why OmniVision is always beset by rumors and worries. Namely, sell-side analysts really do not get paid for telling clients "no worries here, everything is fine."

      In some respects, analysts sometimes function like private detectives - they're paid to find dirt and/or confirm a client's darker suspicions. Consequently, even the merest hint of a problem in OmniVision's relationship with Apple (Nasdaq:AAPL) is good fodder - if the analyst is right (or guesses right) and there is a problem, they become a rockstar. If the analyst is wrong, then he or she tries to blame it on the source and hopes that the client does not keep them in the penalty box for too long."

      Summarized, it says they plan to continue telling lies, hoping to get one right...eventually.

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