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  • cash_is_king_now cash_is_king_now Sep 1, 2011 7:47 PM Flag

    Well, Largan puts an end to SONY rumor

    Largan hints 8MP camera plans for iPhone

    Largan Precision in a shareholder meeting Thursday gave more official hints that it was supplying eight-megapixel iPhone cameras. CEO Lin En-ping said that camera lens orders had been increasing to a number of Largan's clients, including Apple, HTC, Nokia, and RIM. Most were upgrading from five to eight megapixels, so those later orders were growing faster, he said.

    Supporting talk of iPhone production not starting in earnest until July, he still saw eight-megapixel cameras representing just 10 percent of orders in the spring where five-megapixel cameras were still 60 percent.

    The comments don't necessarily equate to a direct confirmation but would line up with mounting plans for an upgraded camera on the next iPhone. OmniVision is making most sensors, according to reports, and would need Largan's help to make completed camera modules. Apple is facing stiff competition at the upper end of the market in which it operates as eight-megapixel cameras are now common in the high-end with a few having 12-megapixel sensors.

    By Electronista Staff

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    • erickarr Sep 1, 2011 11:08 PM Flag

      i don't agree. and i never worked there, just have well informed opinions. they just happen to be negative in your eyes. but it made me feel great as the price dropped from 34 to 16 knowing i anticipated under both the best and worst case scenario, there would be a shorfall on expected guidance that could reasonably be interpreted to foreshadow the loss of aapl biz. traders shoot first and ask questions later. good luck getting any questions answered from ovt b4 next er/cc. hope the overall market behaves well til then because when the markets real bad, i've seen ovt trade below it's net cash when it's on a trend of declining revs, margins, asp's etc...... only time will tell

    • The analyst covering OmniVision are far more knowledgeable than you are. You sound like a disgruntled ex employee.

      I don't cry about the day to day price. And I don't need to bash the stock hoping to get shares cheaper when the stock is already way oversold.

    • erickarr Sep 1, 2011 10:48 PM Flag

      i'm analyst. ur sad trade not going ur way. cry-make u better. is ur speculative conjecture ok cuz make long feel good?

    • thats right fear mongerer. You are spreading your biased conjecture. The Analysts know much more than you and I and they have the share price much much higher. Nearly 100% higher on average.

    • erickarr Sep 1, 2011 10:31 PM Flag

      not based on ovthistory. god are u guys shooting into the dark when u talk about this company. do you know how long they've been trying to get around yield packaging problems w/ cam cube trying to expand its use to higher resolutions. i already talked abot the op2 to op3 transition taking a few years. same for camcube so far. i don't think they've hit optimal on anything except op3hs which was impressive but a bit late if you want to call yourself an innovator. and i would not doubt that the ziptronix litigation for bsi ip theft may have something to do w/ it. like they're now going out of their way to avoid any appearanceof infringement. but obviously, although the litigation is a fact, my conclusion about it affecting yield is just conjecture. right?

    • The most improvement takes place in fist 2 months. Of course the yield will improve every quarter when they twick manufacturing but not as much as the first 2 months. The max improvent is after 2 to 3 quarters.

    • optimalyield suggesting highest efficiency not losing business to competitors. What does that analyst project the Share Price to be? The average projection AFTER the conference call is $33.

    • erickarr Sep 1, 2011 10:17 PM Flag

      thanks. it's nice to know someone w/ a brain is out there. these idiots were making fun of me for parroting what the execs said on the cc. and acting like they won something lol and they're long how f'in funny

    • Management was very clear --2-3 fiscal qtrs before we can get to a more optimal yield


      Your next question comes from the line of Brian Peterson with Raymond James. Please proceed.

      Brian Peterson – Raymond James

      Hi, this is Brian Peterson stepping in for Hans Mosesmann. Just on the gross margin line, you guys said that there should be temporary reduction next quarter, which I sort of take to mean that things should maybe bounce back a little bit in January. If I kind of look at relatively to what you are thinking about for October would you expect January to be up, all else equal or is that not or am I reading too much into things?

      Anson Chan

      It’s difficult for me to comment further out than one quarter. It’s our company policy to only provide guidance for the current quarter, but when I mentioned earlier in the prepared remarks that the margin will may have a temporary dip, because of a less than optimal yield when we ramped up BSI-2, that’s consistent for all our historic experiences. Now, I can also comment that based on, again on historic experiences, typically take us maybe two to three fiscal quarters before we can get to a more optimal yield. So, if you want to you can put that into consideration as to whether or not or when, how much you can start to expand again or recover.

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