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  • neorozen neorozen Oct 6, 2011 4:27 PM Flag

    Tristan Gerra has a long history of having

    a chip on his shoulder against OVTI going back at least to calendar 2006 and, on various occasions, has reported negative "alleged" facts against the company that turned out to be inaccurate or downright wrong.

    I suspect that Gerra has no idea whether the OVTI sensor(s) is in the iPhone 4S. He likely just wrote down and published what some small time hedge fund told him to write (hoping to create a good entry point for the knaves before it's confirmed that OVTI is the image sensor/chipset supplier to AAPL for the 4S.

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    • You are just wrong. I have the phone right here in my hand and you are wrong. I know you don't believe me and I could care less but it still doesn't change the fact that you are wrong about the sensor and lens.

      I can understand someone coming up with a theory based on DD and that is commendable but you are stating your theory as FACT when it is not. You are going to look completely foolish in about 7 days.

    • I have owned OVTI off and on. This S.O.B is always against OVTI.

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      • Yep - the long time followers of this stock know that 1) Eric will always position OVTI as the worst technology on the market, and on their way to imminent failure (no matter how much market share they get), and 2) Tristan almost always puts out negative reports.

        Both have been doing it every since OVTI was a $300-400MM/year company, with much less cash than they have today. Not bad growth, by anybody's measure.

        It's hard to take either seriously, but they both apparently have short clients of some sort (either that, or Eric is just an angry/bitter man with way too much time on his hands)

    • erickarr Oct 6, 2011 4:47 PM Flag

      tristan knows everyone in taiwan including tsmc guys. tristan has target price closest to reality. and he's not chinese.

    • Yes, that is very likely. He's available for such deceitful tasks.. for a price.

      And today, it worked !!

      Certainly, we could have expected to drop 30-40 cents even on an UP day... but he got his peeps in at 7 % less !!

      So he was worth every dollar they paid him to put out that garbage.
      Given his poor performance, he got the stock to plunge.

      Shorts had a great day, too, their last one for a few months !

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