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  • jas7799 jas7799 Oct 19, 2011 8:53 PM Flag

    OMG, OVTI $18 Thurs, $20 Friday!!!!!!!

    "camera added $17.60 to the cost to build the iPhone"

    it's omnivision's.. that's the same price point roughly as the previous few models...

    oh man... whoever got scammed out of their shares today are gonna be PIIISSSSEEEEEEDDDDD

    if this stock isn't $18 tomorrow.. this market is truly a sess-pool of scamsters

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    • Jas, did you forget to change your basher-screenname to your pumper-screenname?

      The article you're quoting speculates OVTI's being in Apple's 4S just as much as every other article has.

      No one will know until earnings and guidance are reported on November 28th.

      It's wrong of you to encourage folks to buy so that you and other creeps on this board can then bash the stock by using the Apple 4S issue.

    • do you know the difference between an image sensor and a camera or even that blurryvision does make cameras or camera modules?

      i thought not

    • Keep in mind that when OVTI/TSMC determined that the production ramp/yield issues would prevent TSMC from manufacturing enough new OVTI 8830 sensors to meet the "initial run" deadlines for the 4S, OVTI/TSMC contracted with Sony for the supply of Sony 8 MP sensors "as required" by TSMC, which then incorporates the sensor into a camera chipset and Largan assembles the module and lense. The "guaranteed" take to Sony was likely a minimum of 10% of the sensors incorporated into the camera module for the 4S would be Sony's (with the rest OVTI's sensor).

      With this arrangement, AAPL would have held OVTI/TSMC's feet to the fire on the overall price of the module (meaning that OVTI/TSMC must eat any incremental cost of the Sony sensors over the OVTI sensors). For that reason, the "cost" to AAPL will be the same per module regardless of whether an OVTI sensor or a Sony sensor is used.

      With planning estimates by AAPL and its OVTI/TSMC cam mod socket supplier at about 100MM year, OVTI will likely end up supplying about 50MM (or more) sensors a year for the 4S.

      Finally, with this arrangement, the first 10MM or so iPhone 4S' will likely contain a sensor supplied by Sony (OVTI/TSMC are likely hitting full ramp up yields right now on the OVTI sensor and will appear in the bulk of 4S' manufactured after December 1, 2011.

      One potentially unfortunate consequence of all this. Although the Sony 8 MP sensor - when processed into a module using BSI (as TSMC is doing) is a fine sensor, it will not compare with the new BSI OVTI sensor tech. As a result, those of us that just acquired a new iPhone 4S will have a Sony sensor that does not take the "low light" quality photos that the OVTI 5 MP takes in the iPhone 4. However, if you buy an iPhone 4S after 12/1, you'll like get a cam module containing the OVTI 8830 sensor, which will take the best CMOS photos of any existing phone in the world.

      One last, potentially interesting point. If the OVTI/TSMC supply contract with Sony for Sony sensors only guarantees that a Sony 8 MP sensor will be incorporated into at least 10% of the cam mods supplied to the iPhone 4S, it means that several years from now most existing iPhone 4S' will have an OVTI sensor and only about 10% will have a Sony sensor. Means that OVTI/TSMC will realize huge profits from the iPhone 4S, but iPhone 4S' containing a cam mod with a Sony sensor may turn out to be collectors' items.

    • 22 by Saturday and $24 by Sunday.

      Did I get the series correct?

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