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    It appears that it has become dependent upon Apple. Well, Apple likes to use multiple suppliers for parts because of execution risks. So, every time there is a product upgrade, Ovt may or may not be in the product, i.e. I-4s. To keep the buzz on their products, it appears Apple has gone to 2 upgrades per year. So, with all the heavy competition Ovt has now, investors will have to suffer throughout the year waiting for confirmation. Because of this, Ovt should be used as a trading vehicle versus a true investment because the risks are enormous.


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    • It's a fair point - in both senses of the word (i.e., "fair" is less good than good!) What it fails to note is that we haven't quite - even if we're closer than usual - devolved into a sole source of "fun"/computers/devices/phones with that fruity company being "the one."

      That is, especially with market share as HIGH as it is, every tech company will jump through hoops to knock the king of the hill off the hill.

      This is not an argument in favor of shorting Apple or even taking profits if you're lucky enough to own a chunk.

      It's just that the old adage of "buy when there's blood in the streets" is counter-balanced by "look for opportunities away from 'Goliath' " when there's not even a David in plain sight.

      Will Samsung or Microsoft/Nokia or Google or Amazon or ?? put a real dent in Apple's seemingly unlimited blue skies.

      That's the beauty of OVTI - if "retina" was the "Siri" of this release - i.e., the part that went over big on demo day, will be huge in commercials, billboards, etc. ... will get people to trade up a little faster than logic would dictate and get people to buy an iPad as much for the cool factor as a genuine need ...

      YOU BETTER BELIEVE that this feature will be central to at least some of the competitors.

      Sure, Sony WILL also compete for that business, but OVTI will get its share.

      It's hard to think of a big business risk that a company's management is missing. Yes, you can say that this should cap its "valuation" at the equivalent of $16 a share because there's "only so much they CAN do about the problem," but I think that's nutty.

      If anything, it makes the likelihood of their being acquired by a Samsung, Sony, Apple or other enough higher to be a plus on balance.

    • I really don't think Apple will release an I-Pad 4 this year. They might introduce a smaller I-Pad as has been rumored earlier to compete with the Kindle.

    • iPhone 4 June 2010
      iPhone 4S October 2011

    • What month in 2010 Sherlock? I'm talking about a 12 month cycle, not calendar year. Come on dopey. Gotta go, I've given you enough free investment advice for today.


    • Toxic,
      Totally agree with you.

      That is the reason for me to say :

      Apple pie looks rise & shine, & delicious.
      But it is poisoned, be careful before you decide to eat it.

      A little bite to taste, OK no problem.

    • Which Apple product is upgraded twice a year?

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