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  • erickarr Jan 4, 2013 10:08 PM Flag

    hot new chinese phone uses same cameras as iphone 4s

    why didn't "The Xiaomi Mi-2" (a hot new phone for the Chinese market--the first run on this phone sold out in under 3 minutes) use an ovt 8mp instead of sony 8mp. people assume the chinese will buy chinese, but not here. remember, in china, ovt is called Howe. i got this from chipworks just now but can't post links on yahoo.

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    • Too old news!
      too behind the news.

      see this,

      surprise for ovti long, what is Howe ?

      1. by funadvanture.Aug 29, 2012 11:53 AM.Permalink

      you will find out what is Howe, soon !!!

      Howe semiconductor stake in Wuhan Xinxinhttp: 2012年08月28日14:58 经济观察网微博
      Lead: "contact between the two sides for nearly half a year, the current cooperation framework has been basically finalized, he sent the last link in the process." August 27, a the core senior who has a long-term business cooperation with Wuhan Xinxin told reporters.


      Re: What is Omnivision thinking? I am puzzled.

      by funadvanture.Sep 8, 2012 9:18 AM.PermalinkGo to topic

      a report from US said Apple IPhone sale in China is not that great due to
      heavy compition there. Chinese can buy local smartphone at almost half price
      of IPhone.
      MI1 (Chinese smartphone sold over 350 million unit), MI2 will be released October with 8 MP,
      hope it OVTI's 8 MP, if so, why do we continue to bet on Apple?

    • Use your mind. Most of the manufacturers don't know camera. They just try to copy Apple as much as possible. A friend of mine is shopping a smartphone. Her main interest is camera. She is very interested in the Lumia 920. She compared the picture quality carefully. I told her to test the result under low light. She did and told me Nokia Lumia 920 is poor in low light. Eric, Nokia has put great effort in the camera. Despite this Nokia flagship smartphone still failed the low light test. Nokia may be under contract to use ST camera. But for three years ST still not able to master bsi just like Hynix that you thanked vlad so much about.

    • erickarr Jan 4, 2013 10:10 PM Flag

      The camera is the Sony IMX145 back-illuminated 8 Mp design found in the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S3. The secondary camera is the OmniVision OV2A9BA. No compromises here.

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