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  • senormogul9 senormogul9 Jun 18, 2013 1:31 PM Flag

    Just sold mine....

    Still VERY bullish on the stock, but i've been holding since tax-selling season at the end of 2011. Bought at just above $11/share and decided to take profits here at $20.36. I don't expect it to hold above $20 in the near term, and i think that i'll be able to buy back in shortly. I could EASILY be wrong, i can see this stock in the mid-20's easy. But, i've been thinking that it "should be there" for awhile now.....

    Best of luck to everyone. I see threads describing this as a "trash stock", but heck, if i can buy "trash" for $11 and sell it for $20, i'll take "trash" ANY DAY!


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    • You sold at the beginning of the second leg up.......the break-out.

      The stock has been consolidating the most recent monster gain for the last fourteen trading days, leg two now beginning.

      A common mistake by frustrated long term holders.

      Look at the's a flag/pennant pattern, the very easiest to identify, and predict.

    • I been in almost 2 years also, average 11 and change. 2 prior opportunities to sell at 19 and 17. I am still in and will ride it a little longer, but will sell soon. Been a long frustrating ride. Good luck to all longs.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I hear ye on the "long frustrating ride". But, it has worked out, i believed that this stock would go higher for awhile, but it's taken some time for the company to execute. It looks like they are turning the corner, and this stock could easily hit the mid-20's soon, much as jm_lin hypothesizes below.

        That said, it would actually be healthy for the stock price to correct a little here and consolidate at these new levels. If it does, i may pop back in if the price retreats to the 18.50 level or so.

        It's easy to know when to BUY, harder to know when to SELL..... Best of luck to all!

    • I think the stock will go higher, since the last short interest in this stock was more than 7 million share on 5/31/2013. The short have to cover sooner or later. If the trend continued, it will be covered at mid 20s.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Probably the only thing trashy about it is the bashers that show up and tell us their IQ.

      Or since today is cliche day, how's "one man's trash is another man's treasure"?

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