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  • lovedavidtsui lovedavidtsui Jan 9, 2008 2:06 PM Flag

    I've just sent an email to Helen Plummer, please, everyone, write to her!

    The following is the content of my email:

    Dear Ms. Helen Plummer:

    NED's share price yet is below half of its IPO price at the moment I am writing to you, it would be a great investment for the company to repurchase some of its shares since it has a forseeable strong earnings ahead. Three weeks ago, GA--Giant Active, another Chinese IPO, announced its $200-million-sharebuy plan, about 10% of its market cap at the time, its share price has been up around 35% since then. NED should do the same, for the sake of the company and its investors. It only cost around $14 million to buy back 10% of NED's shares now, so cheap, the company can do it easily since it has around $80 million in cash now. Please act now. Thank you!


    David Tsui

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    • Cash would be better spent growing the business than buying shares in my opinion. Until enough buyers come in the big money folks have no trouble shorting the stock down in this weak market. As long as the company has good earnings with decent growth the stock will do fine in the long run. The big money folks are just taking advantage of the charts.

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      • It's got more cash than it needs now, since it has set up offices in all major cities around the nation, and has successfully developed the nation's first handheld graphic calculator--which will increase its earnings significantly soon, it's time to show its confidence and easy the pain of investors by buying back some of its shares. And by doing it, the shorties would have less shares to short as well. So it would be a win-win situation for both the company and its share-holders. The very right thing to do now.

    • You make a strong point and I will email,
      but what's the position of Helen Plummer?


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    • Helen told me to tell you to sell this pig and go buy GA.