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  • ryugo82 ryugo82 Dec 29, 2012 6:14 PM Flag

    BOYCOTT HSBC, sell all your stock, short the stock and just laugh at them as they are at us.

    bsam i am afraid you are correct if banks stop doing business with criminals the banks would all go bankrupt as there will be no liquidity for them then.

    sad isn't it?

    banks must rely of laundering drug money to even exist.

    to say the banks do not know that they were conducting crimes is stupid of course they did and they know they did wrong that is why they were so quick in trying to bribe their way out and paying the fines no questions asked.

    they must have committed even larger crimes to be so nervous.

    I say dig deeper there are bound to be more skeletons.

    but we need to put the people that committed these crimes to jail.

    all these banksters more and more crimes coming up that they knowingly committed.
    how many people died because of them funding terrorists I wonder?

    funding terrorists check.
    rigging libor check
    defrauding homeowners check
    stealing money from customer's accounts check

    other banks
    mf globaled: jon corzined check steal money when they are not even in the right department
    mini mf global.

    shall i list more?

    all these TBTF NEEDS to fail and all of them jailed. they are now TBTJ, too big to jail.

    the culture of corruption.moral hazard.

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