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  • chart2000 chart2000 Jan 30, 1998 4:36 PM Flag


    No more comments from me about myl. Look at the 4 year gragh
    of rpc, Roberts had a great base, with building volume.My daughter
    who works on Wall ST. bought a ton for herself at 10 1/2. At
    first I had reservations but she may be a chip of the old block.
    You myl fans just put rpc in a portfolio to follow and watch big money
    make money.RPC is making a profit now and the turn around is in place.
    I hope I did not offend anyone with myl but here is a chance to
    make easy money.

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    • he is being astute and doesnt want to lose money.

    • mylan will repeat the same pattern this is not a stock
      to be long in must study the charts carefully.

      a fool and is money soon part and the king will win again.

    • Yearly estimates were lowered from .90 to .84
      Profit margins have risen past two quarters, along wwith revenues.
      First Call and Zach's had concensus for .24 this quarter,
      Mylan made .18
      That would be the 25%.
      Neither Zach nor First Call revised their original earnings estimate
      My question: Why was the revision factored into only the 3rd quarter? Or Was it?

    • how did you arrive at this figure-curious! it seems that to much emphasis is placed on projuected earnings and expectations and not on the actual results these days wall st slaughters a stock if it falls short by a few pennies i look at year to year to year results and sooner or later these sneak up on a person and all of a sudden you wonder how did we get here!! but that is long term investing and not trading

    • as reported by Zacks. Seems like a good enough reason to go short. It's nice to have earnings growth, but you have to have enough earnings growth or the hot money will go elsewhere.

    • now all we have to do is ignore him and get down to the bus of myl!!

    • Why do you let the bishop or pawn or whatever he calls himself, push YOUR buttons?
      You know your reasons for being long on Mylan.
      If he wants to buy shares at whatever price, who really cares.
      That's all there is to it>
      Let's keep this board constructive, he has wasted enough of our time.

    • Being retired from Wall $t. I can tell you to many people
      look for internal reasons why a stock will go up or down, earnings
      new product, ect., big mistake! Myl for the next 6 months will be controled by
      controled by external forces, Wall St. we the buyers and sellers and
      brokeage firms hold buy and sell. Myl will now go sideways for the
      next 3 months between 17 and 18, a for shorts will go long and only a few investors will
      dip in. Then the downgrades will poor in for the kill, panic selling
      and a stock ready to be bought below 15. On WAll St we call it
      kicking the dog when it it down and out. If I can give something back to investors
      it will make me a happy man. The key word is be patient do not
      be lulled over the next 3 months. I ask for no thanks or money
      for my professional help, that's what nice about being retired. Never forget the outside
      forces more important than the internal.

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