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  • ggsia16 ggsia16 Dec 18, 2012 9:00 AM Flag

    WPCS has turned it around

    Quite an accomplishment. Hidalgo turned this around and produced $1.4 million in EBITDA from the five operations this quarter with 28% gross margin. I know he has his critics but you cannot dispute what he has done to fix this company. He sold off the under performing divisions and strengthened the WPCS financials after having to deal with huge project losses last year that he had nothing to do with. It takes a leader to build success and a special leader to rebuild success when things go wrong. Volume is up and I feel good things are going to happen for WPCS.

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    • If WPCS reports an EBITDA positive third quarter on March 18th, that will be three quarters in a row and will definitely keep the turnaround momentum going.

    • Yes Mrs. Hidalgo! We know you love your husband.

    • ed4848 Jan 2, 2013 4:11 PM Flag

      You probably voted for Obama too!

      • 1 Reply to ed4848
      • well that statement suggests you are a RepubliCON cult member

        i bet you voted twice for George Bush the economy wrecker and war monger who turned Clinton's economic surplus into another huge republicon deficit

        i bet you still drink the Raygun koolaid

        why any sane person would still vote republiCON can only be explained that they enjoy inflicting self induced pain and misery and economic calamities... the results speak for themselves, yet you republicon idiots keep doing the same thing expecting different results... seek some mental help for your insanity... better yet, move to Afghanistan and go join the Taliban, you seem to have a lot in common with your far right wing extremist insanities... get the F out, and don't let the door hit you in your #$%$ on the way out

    • ggsia16 I agree quite the accomplishment! taking a company that was once trading at $13 a share to .30 I think anyone that has logic... and uses it will not see this as an accomplishment but rather another sign of Andy and his "teams" poor management.

      Ultimately who is responsible for the financial welfare of WPCS. That would be the management team, Andy, Joe and Myron. You know as well as I do that EBITDA is fluff until the last report. Just keep pushing the expectations, losses, etc hoping something good happens in the future.
      Every conference call sounds like the one before.

      Regarding the huge losses. Who should have seen that coming? If this were a football team we would have a new coach by now. Andy is constantly trying to put a spin on everything to make it appear that all is well. If it were such a great optimistic future why did they have to resort to private investors to provide a line of credit? Maybe a bank can clearly see the risk and.... the track record of this management team!

      I am so tired of hearing about their bid log and what they expect to turn into contracts. You can bid on $5 billion worth of work, but their is no guarantee that you will get the work, and even if you do, you still have to make money on it! We have seen what they can do in losing money on contract work up to this point.

      At this point I would gladly sell you my 4000 shares at .51 and call this a bad memory. I have lost all optimism, and a lot of my investment. The dream that this company is going to turn this around, in MHO is just that, a dream!.....not in my lifetime. My life lesson and regret is that I was duped.... along with a lot of others actually believing in the Andy Hidalgo rhetoric and WPCS smoke and mirror show!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • I guess it really all depends on when you invested in WPCS. I jumped in a few weeks ago and see more hope than those that have suffered the losses. I am lucky not to have the history. But at this price, I see a chance for the stock price to grow if they can keep generating positive cash flow. I think they could be turning the corner.

        Sentiment: Buy

    • The company was supposed to be bought out for $3.25 per share a year and a half ago. It was supposed to be a done deal, and now the stock price sits at 45 cents with massive dilution... You call that "turning it around" for shareholders??? What the F are you smoking????.... yeah quite the "accomplishment" if you enjoy losing 90% of your investment... how braindead must you be?

      • 1 Reply to cut_thebs
      • I am not talking about the stock price you idiot. I am talking about the financial performance. The company has turned it around. What are you blind? I can't help it if you lost your investment. You should have gotten out and back in when the timing was right. My cost average is down to where it is trading. Somebody is buying the stock. It has averaged over 75,000 shares the last ten trading days. Investors see the value here. If you don't, move on.

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