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  • mdbcolorado1 mdbcolorado1 Oct 28, 2009 3:25 PM Flag

    The news is FANTASTIC imo

    After over 5 years of trying GPGI may finally begin producting gold/platinum in November using the Twiford process & the aquifer solution.

    Substantial monthly income & revenue from JBIT's superior armor in November.

    I hope free publicity for GPGI as JBIT's armor superiority spreads among the armor, police, military networks.

    The news is all good. 2oz/1000 gallons gold recovery to begin in November/December. Maybe platinum too.

    7 years ago GPGI stock was around $.24; in those days no large scale runs proving gold recovery had been done; no working plant or working lab and definitely no alternate business like armor manufacturing.

    I wonder how many GPGI will be hiring for the armor manufacturing?