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  • davidba1960 davidba1960 Feb 6, 2013 4:32 AM Flag

    From IHUB board: JBT says some incredible things of kryron in support for JB

    Advertisement From JBT
    Shenzhen JBT Electronics Technology Co. LTD

    Open Letter to the Pima County Superior Court
    RE: John M. Bourque
    Purpose: Plea to court to consider immediate economic impact in the decision to be handed down to
    Mr. Bourque in this case.
    We are Shenzhen JBT Electronics Technology Co., LTD, a high technology LED Company in Guangdong
    China. We are requesting that the court take into consideration the current massive economic deal
    between Bourque Industries and JBT Electronics. This is a large trade deal between the US and China.
    Bourque Industries will be supplying JBT Electronics with Kryronized carbon nanotubes (Kryron
    Powder), and we will be manufacturing LED lighting with them. This is not just another supplier deal.
    This is a new technology that was fully developed by Bourque Industries, has now been tested by our
    company, and is going to be brought to market early this year (2013).
    The global LED lighting market will grow from $7 billion in 2010 to $40 billion in 2016. Kryronized
    aluminum gives us the most powerful LED lights for each light type (in their given form factors). This
    means we effectively own the market.