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  • just curious:
    if SEB's stock is mostly owned by the bresky family, then WHAT moves this stock...
    and what has given it the heavy VOLUME as we saw today.
    does anyone see $1,500 on the two-month horizon?

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    • Welcome to SEB. I have my online account at Scottrade. They have a free realtime streamer for up to 20 stocks at a time. It has bid/ask sizes, time&sales, charts, last 9 ticks, and etc. All trades including limit orders are $7. They also have many local offices over the nation. Mine is only about two miles away. I have received excellent service.

    • OOOOOPP'S I meant to say Time & Sales " I see that Q-Charts is available for 95 dollars a month and it has Time and Sales, Level 2 trading and has a current offer of a free trial for 30 days.
      What programs are the rest of you guys using?

    • I got Pro ActiveTrader free from
      I think they required over 75 trades or a min balance. I keep my IRA there so it is not a problem. Active trader Pro has a "time and shares" function that lets you see every bid and ask lot in real time. You can even get historical time & Sales. It is very useful to see the Ask amounts and prices especially if you are planning to sell. It also has Level 2 trading for Nasdaq and Directed Trading which allows you to see the bids and asks out there that are being held electonically, not shown till they execute. I will ask if this program is available outside of Fidelity. Another great tool is VectorVest which you can try for 5 weeeks for 9.95. After that it costs 69 dollars a month. It is not in real time, but tracks over 8000 stocks including buy and sell recomendations. Custom reports are easy to run since all data is resident on your computer updated every night at 8 oclock. It has back testing features and analysis's of each company. Extremely Fast especially for those of us stuck on dialup isp's
      Best Regards

    • Its about $1000 a month.

      I think there must be other ways to get time and trades but don't know what they are.

    • I watch blumberg TV show daily but did not know about Blumberg Terminal. Is this service offered for a fee? What is the cost?
      I get similar information thru Vizetrade but dont get size of pending orders.

    • Hey Ricon,

      IF Vector Vest's high value proves to be true you can start shopping for a new boat to go along with that motor !! :))

      Eat More Pork !!

    • I recently found out that I have a time and sales chart built into Active trade pro. If I am interpreting the sales of the day there were only 3 blocks of 750 shares each that were put up for sale. 2- 100's and 1 70. All the others were for 10 shares each. As long as the earnings stay high, I am believing for a breakout and the climb will begin. Vector Vest has given SEB a value of over 1700 dollars. The EPS will carry it. There is still plenty of money to be made in this stock. I bought in at 545, thinking I was crazy for paying so much for a share of stock. I got over the shock and did not have any problem trading when the stock reached 1000. It will be an intering next quarter. take care and best regards to you all.

    • Looks like the sellers at $1000 are patient and still have more to sell. Once they're done, we'll have a chance to move higher.

    • <<<hopefully someone on this board is well-connected to someone on the Seabord board of Directors, or even the family, and approach them with this investment/or just improvement idea.>>>

      You make an interesting suggestion. With SEB's free cash flow surging, they could easily handle an acquisition to fuel growth.

      My suggestion would be to consider spinning off the pork business. See post #1006 for my simplistic analysis. An alternative would be to spin off the shipping business.

    • Indeed, the SEC last year significantly tightened the rules regarding insider selling. They now havae only a few days to send in the requisite SEC filing.

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