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  • mc2k mc2k Sep 3, 1999 4:35 PM Flag

    Short all you can

    Here is the picture.
    Three days ago, NTOP
    dropped all the way from above 92
    (new high) to below
    81. The attempted rally could only
    push the stock
    price back to 85 and then the prices
    dropped again.

    Yesterday, NTOP opened low, rallied only to 80~81
    fell again and closed at 78 3/16.
    Today, the
    sell-off at the opening sent NTOP all the way
    down from
    87 to below 79. Then, it went up and died at
    1/2. The small rally at the close was feeble and
    only at 81 1/4.
    Consider this, NASDAQ has
    been up triple digits today. Do
    we really have
    enthusiastic buyers? How often will NASDAQ
    make a
    triple-digit gain?
    Longs are still blindly optimistic. They
    will learn this
    the hard way
    Professional investors are slowly distributing their
    They are doing this slowly because they don't want to
    the bullish sentiment, so that their sizeable
    positions can
    be well absorded.
    Bear in mind that the
    public is the customer to whom the
    professional and
    institutional traders hope to unload their
    stocks obtained
    at lower prices. They are doing this right
    now in
    front of your eyes. But, you are too blind to see.