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  • tucksox1 tucksox1 Apr 18, 2012 3:11 PM Flag

    Is This Home?

    I'm new to the nat gas sector and am looking for the best way to leverage the potential of a long-term investment (5 years). I've econsidered Westport Innovations but even with the current glut and historically low prices the U.S. Gov't still seems immune to common sense. I've considered CQP and their objective to be a major global LNG supplier but again I worry about excessive gov't regulation. So how about producers? CHK has CEO issues, SD is heavily indebted, and SWN made a major land investment without proper due diligence and could pay dearly.
    I've read many positive pieces about DVN but it's what I don't know that worries me.
    Does anyone have a significant concern to share other than the relative health of the industry, economy, and the great unknown regarding future NG prices?

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    • The problem with NG prices is that there is an enormous amount of it available cheaply and easily. Furthermore, several years ago, geologists saw that wells that had run dry, seemed to have refilled themselves and scientists can only believe this will continue. Unlimited, practically, supply, but the powers in D.C. don't want to allow the natural demand that would occur if we could choose it over gasoline. They could put a pump in every home and allow entrepreneurs to sell it at markets, but they don't know how to control it the way they control the oil markets. It's a joke.

    • IMHO DVN is a GREAT Co. Check financials: Cash, Debt, Capital, profitability, free cash and inventories (oil & gas), + pipe line assets!!

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