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  • mnplumb mnplumb Apr 25, 2008 10:29 PM Flag

    Reasons for stock price increase?

    The new guy from Honeywell came in cleaned a few things up,a new larger credit deal,28 % reduction in the number of shares,plus freon is going to go up big time,plus they reclaim this stuff which makes their cost less,etc. Look at their inventory levels!!! Very high profits down the road. This baby could fly!!!

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    • Government control,big companys buying out the little guy,bush's spend and borrowing policy's,high oil prices,high food prices,value of the dollar going down,government trying to control gold prices,time to throw out congress,elect real people to congress instead of law makers,lawyers???,clean up government. Put taxes to good use instead of supporting the war. Back to this ref. problem,all or most of this problem was slick willie's,Clinton's, doing in the 1990's. Remember over 90 % of the world is run on R-22,this will be phase out!!!!,stock up on R-22,better value than gold!!! Supply and demand,big demand for R-22 down the road,it will excend supply, big time!!!! Sure hope this company can stay with the big companys like the Duponts;tax the _____ out of these big companys,so the little guy can stay in business. Best to all,buy good little companys!!!

    • why would freon prices go up? None of the new a/c units use freon and the older units are all being replaced / phased out....???

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      • Freon is a Trademark of Dupont. it is not "THE" name of refrigerant. Allied Chemical calls their refrigerant 'Genetron", Carrier calls r-410a "Puron". Now everyone thinks r-410a's real name is PURON, and its not, thats just a clever promotional gimic of Carrier.

        Why are 'refrigerant' prices going up? Because the newer refrigerants are 'new' and regulated. The government is involved, thus higher pricing due to manufacturing restrictions and hassels, and the manufacturers can use this as an excuse for higher pricing. When florocarbons were used there basically were no regulations or restrictions, anyone could buy it and abuse it.
        Like the original poster said, I remember R-12 being less than 50 cents a pound. The newer refrigerants are much more expensive, just like a new drug, the price reflects research and what we the public will pay.

    • Is the runup financial because there are so few shares in the float. The price of outlawed freon will only last a short time so I do not think that is why the price is going up. What about the competion ?? I am trying to figure out what makes this technology so different from others and why they will make growing margins and revenue>

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      • I forgot one thing,another reason for future gain in the stock price,very high ownership of shares by insiders!!!! Almost 50 %.
        That,s alot!!!! At one time this company was going private,infact most of the shares were purchase by insiders. Freon business has many watchdogs,government,rules,regulation,etc. Back in the 1980's 30 lbs of R-12 cost about 30 bucks. On the black market, 30 lbs of R-12 would cost you 300 plus!!!! You can not buy R-12,replacement freon cost 200 or more for 30 lbs. R-22 is the most used freon in the world,98 % of all
        AC have R-22 in them. Our fine government has also put a stop on R-22 manufacturing in about two years or so. 410-A is a replacement freon for R-22,and guess what its three times the cost of R-22. One other thing,with the manufacturing of R-22 to cease in the near future,you can see why the reclaiming business has a big future in the freon business. All of the above was because of Ozone problem,that some ref. caused. R-12 was some bad stuff,but R-22 was okay???, 410-A will cause more problems because of the high pressure,LEAKS!!!!,yes, this is the business to be in if you can put up with all the regulations,remember the more rules impose, more problems!!!!! $$$$$$$

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