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  • shepardnight shepardnight Apr 26, 2011 10:50 AM Flag

    Honeywell CC transcript

    Honeywell CC transcript indicates strong demand for refrigerants and fluourchems in the first quarter. See Dupont transcript as well.

    Fluorine products up 25%, driven by strong demand for refrigerants, tight industry supply conditions and also strong plant performance.

    Ajay Kejriwal - FBR Capital Markets & Co.

    Good. One more on Specialty Materials, if I can. So the supply and demand imbalance in the first quarter, what was that related to? Was that any of the supply disruptions out of Japan? Did that influence it? Or how?

    David Anderson

    No. This whole phenomenon is just related to -- phenomena, specifically, Ajay, that I talked to is really related to our Fluorines business. It's kind of, most particularly, our Refrigerated Products businesses within the Fluorines business. And new products. That's a very good question, Dave. And the other thing is globalization of that business now, and what we're doing in terms of just growing our global customer base.

    Elena Doom

    And the demand sent back has been much stronger than what we expected.

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    • Thanks again for suggestion. i am expecting 25% raise in pps here on or before may 4th from now.
      I recently bought GOOG on the slump. I think it will go back up to 600$ by June.
      NTWK is a good buy for quick return before Q1 results before May 10th. Have a look at it.

    • As I've said many times before on this board, HDSN is a bit of a bad habit for me. For the last year or two, I've mostly just bought it or sold it short during it's cyclical ebb and flow.

      I own it now because of strength in the refrigerant markets (as mentioned in Dupont and Honeywell CCs), the continued rise in R-22 prices, and overall improvements in the American economy which will increase refrigerant demand. I don't take much from the 4th qtr results, but they were better than I expected.

      I'm hoping for a relatively quick 10-40% bump in pps. As always, I could very well be wrong.

      Ironchef, I'm just wondering. Are you short HDSN? If not, why troll the dead HDSN message board? (And of course, I don't think there's anything wrong with shorting HDSN)

    • can you give me ONE or TWO GOOD reasons to own HDSN Shep? You said yourself you don't trust Zugibe or Coleman...that certainly doesn't promote shareholder confidence does it?...and as far as cavilerely poo-pooing the statistics from Zacks as a "weak case" for not owning HDSN...I have say that I think you are in denial of what those numbers really mean. time will tell all but anyhow good luck 2 you!

    • Ironchef--there are a lot of reasons not to own HDSN, but the info in the links you sent makes a pretty weak case against HDSN. Just my opinion--nothing more. They've serviced the 8 million for a couple of years now. All they did was extend the maturity, something I believe they said they would do a year ago.

      Vin, I'm hesitant to recommend stocks, but take a look at ROIC. Very safe REIT stock with good growth potential and a modest dividend. It tends to be pretty wavy and tradeable for 5-15%. Though liquidity isn't great. Provided there are no earnings surprises, I'd recommend being patient and buying when the price hits the bottom bollinger line. I tried to add some short-term shares at the recent trough but my buy order missed by a few pennies. Too bad for me. I still have my long term shares. Been holding for a well over a year now.

    • what say you to my three "revealing" links Shep...surely you can't just turn a blind eye to those stats...with such a small amount of free cash flow per share an $8,300,000 loan @ 6.5% is just as I said "not good news for HDSN" I eagerly await your comments and insights. meanwhile think about this GOOG curently has a p/e of around 19 compared with HDSN's 63 making GOOG at todays close of around $533 a share far cheaper than HDSN at $'s a little hard to wrap your mind around that fact but IT'S TRUE!!!!!!!! Plus GOOG has still got tremendous growth ahead!

    • I HOPE U ALL REALIZE I'M NOT TRYING TO PEE ON ANYONES PARADE...Reality is reality and facts are facts...good luck owning HDSN! I'm out of this piggy.

    • Thanks Shepardnight,

      Your DD is always helpful on HDSN and RSO. your previous posts helped me to make some money here. I bought back this morning thinking Q1 will be good.

      Any other stocks you want to suggest?

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