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    todays press

    todays press

    R22 refrigerant price can vary from location to location. The current average wholesale price for R22 Refrigerant in Chicago Illinois is $600 per 30 pound cylinder!

    Illinois is used as an example because being in the Midwest it should be a good barometer for the rest of the country. The wholesale price of R22 refrigerant listed here is not what the end user can expect to pay. The pricing listed in this blog is contractor price & only available when bought in large quantities by licensed Refrigeration & HVAC Professionals.

    The typical end user can expect to pay around $40 dollars a pound for amounts less than 10 pounds of R22 refrigerant. The end user may pay a bit less when needing larger quantities of gas.

    The price of R22 refrigerant is on the rise & will continue to increase in price at a rapid rate. R22 has been in the process of phaseout for some time now due to it’s ozone depleting properties. The Montreal Protocol mandates that R22 be 90% phased out by 2015 & 99.5% phased out by 2020.

    We at Power Technology Chicago know for a fact that there are vast amounts of R22 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning equipment still in service throughout the nation. The time to start thinking retrofit and/or replacement of your R22 refrigeration or air conditioning equipment is now! The longer an equipment owner waits to get away from operating R22 equipment, the more expensive the problem will become.

    In the very near future we could see end user prices as high as $60-$70 dollars a pound for small quantities of R22 refrigerant. It’s not a question of if this will happen, but when it will happen. We have seen this price increase in the past with gasses like R12 & R502. At one point the price of R12 went well over $1100 per 30 pound cylinder. There is a big difference between the R12 phaseout & the looming R22 phaseout. The difference is there is way more R22 equipment out there than there ever was R12 units. R22 has been widely used in refrigeration & HVAC applications & was more popular than R12 or R502 ever was. This means there are literally millions of units out there running on the soon to be banned R22 gas

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