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  • tycoonguy tycoonguy Apr 11, 2004 8:31 AM Flag

    O.T./Oil geopolitics today.

    The trouble with actually securing Iraq in a peaceful state where oil can be extracted and distributed in an orderly manner which will benefit all interested partiew would be that our military isn't large enough. Modern armies worldwide have been reduced in number to such an extent that an operation the size of Iraq rests beyond their capabilities. It would be a distinct possibility that if the Democrats take the White House and Washington in general, they will embark on a serious escalation in Military spending and an increase in the number of soldiers sent to Iraq. This scenario would come once it is generally believed that Oil resources are dwindling at such an alarming rate that Iraq production increases would be the only way to keep Oil commerce stable. It would also result from another period of caos and near anarchy in that state. Believe it or not, the current situation resulted from the Laissez-faire principles of the Rebuplicans. Nevertheless, it would be hard to accept the prediction that the U.S. or the U.N. could build an international army which could do the job in Iraq. Consequently the energy situation in the U.S. could deteriorate in the years to come. When it comes to Oil and Gasoline Government controls could become drastic. Increased taxes on 6-cylinder cars and gasoline, a re-introduction of the 55 mile speed limit and serious enforcement by the states with a vastly increased number of police on the hiways, relaxing of restrictions on coal use for environmental reasons, and other politally abrasive government policies may ensue. This may co-incide with more indecisive strife in Oil rich areas which may lead to intervention by the larger armies in the emerging consumer nations like China.

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