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  • 1calgal Aug 22, 2011 12:47 PM Flag

    Post from DEPO MB

    By rtk_ecal:

    I have always been impressed at the success of glumetza within the highly genericized, commoditized, and saturated metformin market. Its beyond obvious that the Glu product is a better differentiated product for those metformin patients who have titration issues. Glu's market share continues to advance in the entire space, and its only Santarus selling it with a 100 person salesforce. Imagine how much further Glu would be if not for a completely unrelated (to product) recall back in 2010? And look how quickly Santarusa was able to make up the lost ground. Its truly an excellent product, without any doubt whatsoever. Imagine also if BMY hadnt screwed DEPO originally and stole the product when DEPO was not in a position to really mount a fight against them legally. How much earlier the product would have entered the market and dominated? And imagine if Biovail (now called Valient) hadnt also screwed DEPO by extending out the trial requirements and eventually dropping the drug? How much more market penetration it would have had? And then there is the unfortunate experience with King that resulted in them dropping Glumetza after kick starting the launch effort with great success( whihc Depomed was able to maintain with a CSO until Santarus tookm it over)! And after all these adversities, years and years and years, which DEPO managed to turn into opportunities, Glumetza is kicking butt in a large but extremely commoditized drug space. Does that speak to the value proposition of the drug and/or Depo Accuform technology?

    YES IT DOES, compounded by the fact that its only being distributed by a small specialty pharma company with a 100 person salesforce. ADD TO THAT THE FACT THAT GLUMETZA'S LABEL ISNT VERY CLEAR CUT OR ARTICULATE ABOUT ITS DIFFERENTIATING VALUE PROPOSITION!!!!!!!

    Now WHY couldnt Depomed repeat or vastly exceed that success with Gralise, whose value proposition and LABEL (thats right, LABEL) is even more value add for PHN than Glu is for Type 2 Diabetes?

    Do you really think its thats hard or complicated to launch Gralise? I mean, Depomed has a road map of sorts about how to launch a drug successfully-all it has to do is look at what Santarus has done with Glumetza. Santarus, their partner for the past 4 years or so. You dont think Depo has learned a bit from that? You dont think Depomed worked CLOSELY with King and Santarus to help them launch the drug and achieve tremendous success?

    Think again. Gralise, with its label and excellent value proposition, will be an easier success than Glumetza, and I dont care if Pfizer is selling Lyrica or not. Depomed wiull run circles around those clowns. Bank on it.

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