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  • nowwheretogo22004 nowwheretogo22004 Oct 13, 2011 11:08 AM Flag

    Got to hold on!

    I seriously thought about about scaling back half my shares and then buy them back when folks like bucksave sell,upon losing the patent infringement appeal, but it's too late. I could miss the bus.

    With some renewed interest in the overall market. This stock has too much potential to move up to the next rung. For every share that someone wants to sell on patent infringement loss there will be double the interest trying to grab it.

    After the earnings announcement, the 12 month history will show this as a profitable company with tremendous upside potential, strong revenue growth, and some take over potential. I can't risk getting out and back in for a 5% swing, when I could miss the train that I've been waiting for.

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    • Bucksave isn't saying it is a slam dunk, but her due diligence is admirable. This is a very small company and not followed by many analysts. That leaves investors to pretty much come to their own conclusions on a very complex and uncertain subject, which they are understandably reluctant to do. Of any area of patent law, the nonobviousness standard is very much developing law and Judge Rader is at the center of that development.

    • I share some of your views.

      First, the verdicit may be Split or a Reversal thats my conclusion, base on the oral argument that I have listened to several times. Plus, I am hopeful for a positive outcome and so should you.

      Truth, I am not selling right now and do not know about selling if we lose because the stock has been beaten down so much. It may bounce back fairly quick, due to strong earning and profits.

      Another thing, I see a merger or byout may be with DEPOMED.

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      • Bucksave, it's good to hear that you will hold regardless. Some of your recent posts suggested that it was the only major reason you held the stock. I read SNTS's case and it is compelling, but I know that I'm biased. There are much smarter investors than me out there, and if they thought there was a good chance that they win, then this is an instant $5 stock. Why wouldn't they be all over this stock now? I don't know for sure, I'm just trying to be reasonable AND hold firm, based on the other factors. Good luck to all longs!

    • nowheretog, What if they don't lose?

      How are you so sure they lose the appeal?

      I agree on everything else, and either way it is undervalued.

      Good luck SNTS longs

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      • They could win, but it is such a long shot. Once the courts have made up their minds, it's so tough to get a reversal.

        I applaud management for avoiding discussion of high hopes around this. I think it was important to appeal, as you have to show the folks at Par, that it will be expensive to play the game if you want to go after any future products.

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