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  • khumbu61 khumbu61 Jan 12, 2012 11:56 AM Flag


    I don't think the volume is great enough to suggest an acquisition is imminent. The pending appeal probably does not affect the price one way or another; there are too many skeptics. One can engage in educated speculation on the outcome based on the Circuit's Court's rhetoric in cases decided subsequent to the oral argument and the line of questioning in the oral argument itself. But you don't and won't get leaks from the Court and SNTS has no more real information that we. I still think that there is knowledge out there (derived not from SNTS) on a favorable Glumetza settlement, as a settlement is important to sustaining and increasing revenue for SNTS. That, together with the opening of eyes by investors and momentum, in my mind, could largley explain what has been occurring in the past week.

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    • Talk to a former clerk at the Circuit Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Such disclosures by court personnel that you are suggesting would have very serious conseqences and are a violation of the Court's Code of Conduct. Further, information that would be relevant to investors, such as ongoing discussions or lobbying by the judges or clerks concerning the case, are held as tightly as a corset worn by an oil worker at Prudhoe Bay in the middle of January.

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      • Agree with both of u since critical info is under lock and key but then again, the lock can be broken by nosy personnell. Dippeguy you have to keep in mind that cases of such magnatiude, Snts vs Par are too serious to be expose to nosy staff. I am sure the courts check staff's accounts(clerks, supvisor, etc) to see if they or family made purchases.

        "the case, are held as tightly as a corset worn by an oil worker at Prudhoe Bay in the middle of January." LOL

    • I diasagree there are no leaks from the court system. Perhaps not judges which certainly haven't been immune from past criminal activity, but there are tons of people around the courts, such as clerks, security, interns, administrative folks, and the list goes on. You are naive to think some of those people don't whisper to their friends sometimes about stuff they see and hear, either on purpose or inadvertantly.

      However, your speculation about glu could very well be true and defintely one of a few likely scerarios playing out here.