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  • khumbu61 khumbu61 Feb 1, 2012 11:59 AM Flag

    SNTS HITS $5.00 11:32 AM

    Buck and Kitty, pull the cork on some bubbly.

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    • Congrats, Khumb, Buck, Cold, Mousa, Nowheretog, dippleguy, (maybe whynot is done with DRIP problem? LOL)

      She is doing the dance on "FIVE" (and I agree that funds may see how beautiful she is now). The New Years party was for $3. It pays to remain steadfast in your DD. I kept saying that a valuation of just about 1 times sales is a bargain and for doubters to show me other companies in this space selling at that low of a multiple. Nobody ever replied.

      Management has done great wonders. That was the real bonus to bring 2012 sales up to near $200 million. And with Uceris and Rhucin and Rifamycin on the way.

      All I can say is KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The uncorking of my champagne went KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!