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  • mossa_saggia mossa_saggia Aug 17, 2012 11:46 AM Flag

    I'm back

    I'm back, holidays shorter than expected. I'm looking at news and at share price and i'm shocked. My comments:

    - Very unusual Uceris procedure. It's clear that there are problems or doubts but i think that the situation can be solved. Generally in similar situations we see a complete response letter on PDUFA date but now we see an amendment, so probably FDA thinks these problems are solvable with additional informations and a small delay (December i hope).

    - If we are honest with ourselves we can say "a stock who clibed 200% in less than a year can lose 50% in a week". It's bad for us but it is..

    - Someone is selling. I suspect Cosmo because Dutch decision, probably they prefer some cash now. European stop is bad for Cosmo but not for us, same drug but different trials.

    - Rhucin is really close. I think that with good results we will see a PDUFA in mid 2013; if i'm not wrong we have a fast track for this drug.

    - Dr. Reddy lawsuit is not important i think. Probably this lawsuit will be stopped waiting court of appeals decision.

    - The most important thing is cash and potential, we have both.

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