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  • anotherenigma Oct 9, 2012 1:00 AM Flag


    FTK: Whats there not to love about the company. The company is just pure cash flow. I am long on FTK with a simple position at the moment. I sold a large chunk at 12.98, Im waiting to re enter once I see this pullback finished. I think FTK is moving towards a gap fill at 10.59. I also hold some F at 9.12 entry.

    Heres another stock I see as a possible buy soon ISIS - You may like this one seeing its pharmaceuticals.

    I wasn't stopped out yet of SNTS and am now back in the money. I will know soon enough if my call was good or not. Kitty I may enter SNTS as a small long position after a pullback or a continued run. The company looks great.

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    • I am watching FTK, for 10.59. SNTS, I think it will go up nice again at some point. There are a lot of small pharma moving today, ones have nice earnings. Big pharma, I won't touch; buying out of companies, taking products and sending jobs overseas (PFE). Not enough price movement in large slugs. I have followed ISIS for years, they need a pullback, more for me to even look at it. No earnings there for a while.

      I have a small position in SCLN, they have earnings growth and have been taken out to woodshed by analysts who say they will slow way down. Analysts wrong, IMO, rebounding some from my $4.7X entry.

      SNTS is the one that is powerpacked with sales, earnings, pipeline developments coming VERY SOON. If the news is good we should climb further. Siam Kitty LOVES SNTS.

      Praises for long SNTS investors who have stayed in the pocket. Enigma, I will be here. Hope you make out with at least a steak and lobster dinner on your play here, and more on your other stocks.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy