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  • tough1er tough1er Feb 2, 2013 12:43 PM Flag

    down stocks in a big up market

    Was listening to Cramer yesterday -- yeah, shame on me -- and once in a while he'll say something that piques my interest. He said a significant flag can be stocks that are down in a major up day, like Friday. And like Santarus was. He said that sometimes is an indicator that you should consider getting out of the stock.

    Of course, as those who have been following Santarus' rapid accent know, this company certainly has a special feel to it. I don't plan on selling any time soon.

    I did begin to search for an explanation on why the company dropped 11 cents on such a big market day, especially with the other pharms I own (BMY, BDSI, ARNA) showing green. Maybe it's because it's come so far so fast. Maybe it's just a statistical anomaly. Input?

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    • The little news AH is actually good news (SNTS supporting and protecting Uceris further). Stock still going higher. For a generic to reference Uceris as a standard in the Orange Book, they will likely have to adhere to the Citizens Petition if granted AND not infringe patents for Uceris. I have seen these Citizens Petitions before, and it makes sense. To be seen as equiv. to Uceris, now the gold standard (budesonide MMX), a generic has to do extensive testing to prove it. Likely hard to prove without using MMX technology which is patent protected for a long time. Very hard to claim and prove equivalence by utilizing a different formulation than MMX, which delivers the drug selectively to the part of the colon affected by UC. All is JMO

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    • SNTS was down on lower maybe it was just profit taking....

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