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  • macs7972 macs7972 Feb 27, 2013 1:38 PM Flag


    If you're wondering how Uceris sales are going ask your local gastroenterologist. Product is flying off the shelf. I estimate $216-220 million full year 2012. $20 by july...

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    • SNTS is a very fast growing company and I'm looking forward to their conference call tomorrow afternoon. Take a look at REGN too since they just had great news over the weekend on Saturday.

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    • You got that correct--I know some sales reps--the Drs. can't wait to prescribe this medicine to their patients. The old and new reps were given an insentive to sell--$125.00 per each perscription written. Most small Drs offices see 3-6 patients a week that will need this drug. the larger practices are seeing 3-6 per day. Hey Kitty--I hope this inspires you and others--you have helped this old guy lots with all your great info. please keep it up!

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      • You write something that's other than the truth, old guy. In larger, high-volume cities, if reps are incentivized $125 per prescription, they'll make more than the GI doctors' salary at the end if the year - and SNTS doesn't play this way. That would be ridiculous. Higher bonuses maybe, but never $125 per prescription. If that were the case, they'd hardly make any profit. And I disagree with your comment about offices seeing 3-4 patients a day that could benefit from this drug. Maybe 3-4 a WEEK - not a day. I don't believe you researched your information.

      • Thank you, the #1-OLDGUY. I am glad everything was helpful, I did a lot of DD on the drug end and thought Uceris would get approved.

        Others helped on the legal end for the Zegerid case. Khumb had said SNTS could win and seemed confident, so I held on even tighter. Kudos to Khumb.

        Now our work has almost been completed, Ruconest should be filed soon and then approved by next winter. If Zegerid sales accelerate along with Uceris, we are golden through this turnaround. This is a new beginning. :#3 I have my shares on lock-down, I don't trade SNTS, just my strategy for this one.

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    • I expect to see a spike in price just before the earnings report and a next move higher $14 - $15 just after the earnings report on March 4. The presentation on March 6 will also help, especially when SNTS reports that it have beaten the analysts estimates once again. $20 - $25 this year...IMO. Long SNTS.

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