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  • phpearso phpearso Mar 19, 2013 12:45 PM Flag


    I got in at $10.50. Am wondering if others who are holding SNTS at least from that point or earlier would state whether they are thinking: HOLD, BUY or SELL a portion. Thanks.

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    • Yahoo should get rid of the thumbs up and thumbs down. It's stupid unless you can see who graded you...

      DISCLOSURE.... I don't ever use the thumbs up and down because I think it's stupid.

      And the new message board layout stinks. But I guess It's better than what it used to be. Thumbs up my post if you agree HAHAHAHA

    • In at $8.35. Bought as Fall.
      Hanging in there.

    • Been a shareholder since '06 and have bought perhaps 30 times in that period. I loaded up in the mid 2's as I was very certain of an ultimate victory in the infringement case against Par. It is a buy now and will continue to be I would think for some time. Some of us simply had the good fortune to buy lots of shares when the company was way down following the adverse trial court decision and continued to buy as the strength of the company and the wisdom of its management become even more evident.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I am in for the long haul. I have a huge position from low $3's or so ave. Added a little on pullbacks at various levels all the way up. This stock is still strong and has led to the misery of some who sold very early. IMO

      Should see at least $20 and maybe higher up to $25-30. All JMO

      Everything is accelerating. Sales, earnings, pipeline. Look at the presentation from today on Investors - presentations on the website. All they have to do is add new products to sell. They have pipeline and cash to do so. They know how to sell. Look thought the presentation on Uceris and Zegerid. Holding is not greed as my friend said, but smart if you know where this is going. EBITA is key to build Cash. Also, look at Ruconest (acute treatment of HAE) potential and compare with VPHM Cinryze (prophylactic treatment of HAE). SNTS may be looking into the prophylactic use of Ruconest, after Filing og BLA for acute HAE.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Depends on your strategy. Keep in mind, this is my own opinion.

      For the Long term. Hold on to your position. All of it. EPS guidance for 2013 is 1.00. At a PE of 20 this stock will trade for $20 a share. Our current PE is 60. I'm not saying that SNTS will be trading for 60 a share at the end of this year. BUT, go look at DDD and what happened to it's share price before the bubble burst. It was trading very high. So it's very possible we could see $60 a share. More likely is $30 a share in my opinion. Not to forget to mention the pipeline. Oh boy this is a beauty.

      For the short term, this is a sell when the technical indicator says sell. Currently, the technical indicators are holding up nicely.
      In my opinion (which has been known to be wrong), Fear and greed are driving this stock right now. What I mean is.....

      Nobody wants to miss a move in the stock market, and history is littered with bubbles and busts that demonstrate this. In life, this is driven by our innate desire to “fit in and conform"; in the markets, it’s driven by fear and greed. Human beings are predictable in nature and this run up looks like that to me.

      When the market starts to show weakness the fear turns around to panic selling because the share price is falling and selling will commence. A pullback will be in the future. When that happens? I can't tell you. It is certainly not today. And may not ever come. We may reach a price of $18 and then consolidate for a period of 20 trading days. That is exactly what has happened on this stock. It doesn't really have pullbacks. It just consolidates. Therefore, I have never actually sold my IRA holdings in this stock.

      Disclosure: I have sold my position in SNTS at $16.50 in my cash account. And I regret that today.

      In my IRA I still have my initial holding from last summer after the earnings bust. Holding strong.

      So to answer your question. It depends... hahahahahahahaha


    • Target Price by Analysts is $17.00.
      Past that now. They need to catch up to the new reality.