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  • herkyhawk00 herkyhawk00 Apr 21, 2013 10:02 PM Flag

    Question for the board

    I like the fact that it appears we have people who have common sense on this board, have done their DD, and help to keep in check the spammers, pumpers, and shorters. It's difficult to find a board where that happens. Do any of you have suggestions for a board that has those same qualities? I like several companies and am currently interested in learning more about THRX, but understand that those are off topic and really shouldn't be posted on the SNTS board.

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    • Herkyhawk,

      THRX is a sell. I shorted it at $32 and change and covered at $30 just yesterday. Now the company splits into two entities because they didn't get a bidder. And investors think the intrinsic value of the company is higher than it is currently? How silly. It's still the same company and nothing has changed fundamentally. I sniff another shorting opportunity as soon as longs realize the idea that they can't take Breo to market or get a buyer for it. If you short...then THRX is a good one....again....

      $ANAC is another good short. However with the alternative uptick rule is in place and you can't short it tomorrow. I am currently short ANAC from 6.90. ANAC has a 75M S/3 offering on the table and at this value of the share price my bet is that it gets utilized right now. So if you are long ANAC...get out now before the offering is announced. ANAC needs cash bad and what better time to make an offer than now.

      TSRX board has some good users over there too. TSRX is setting themselves up for a buyout in my opinion. I sold half my position over there because I didn't want to get chopped around at $7. I went and bought $SGYP with my cash and I am already up 9% with my strategy. TSRX taught me that it is wise to purchase the bottom after an offering. SGYP made the offering at $5.50 and the price is still 0.50 cents away. That's a 10% return. The offering was actually offered lower than what investors were already paying for SGYP. So....I think SGYP has more than just 10%. My target is $6.

      I bounce around the bios myself. $SNTS is a strong company. I am debating holding through earnings this time. I may purchase some $17.50 puts just as insurance. Premium is currently going for 0.60 cents...kind of high I think. So I may just hold through earnings without the insurance. They need to be cheaper.

      Kitty! You want to write me some puts? LOL

      That's my 0.02cents.

    • Look at the Prana Biotechnology (PRAN) board.