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  • biotechstocker biotechstocker Apr 25, 2013 11:36 AM Flag

    what is going on with SNTS biottech up and markets up ?? anyone know anything ?

    downgrade or any news ? can't find any reason for the drop

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    • Snts tends to go in a lot of directions throughout a day. Many times it drops quite a bit in the red during the day and finishes in the green or very close to previous close. Happens all the time. Don't know if it is day traders or what. If you go back in the history, it give you a pretty good example. Some days will drop .50 cents and ends green. The trend line has been up, though, so that is what matters. :-)

    • Stocks just don't go straight up. This stock wouldn't be very heathy if it didn't sell-off periodically. You need the valleys wth the peaks. If you're scared of earnings and insider selling as some have written articles about then sell and take your profits and find something more tolerable for you. But, if you believe like the rest of us longs here that this company will execute on its guidance regarding 1.00 per share this year, then a .70 drop from an all-time high will be a drop in the bucket, when compared to the potential price come Jan 2014. My estimate is 40 (being conservative)!