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  • quick_to_learn quick_to_learn May 6, 2013 5:50 PM Flag

    Kitty, take a bow!

    Kitty, speaking for all the longs here, I crown you princess of the SNTS message board (assuming you are a she- if not, sorry)

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    • Amen! Thanks for your input Kitty.

    • Gender doesn't are the BEST! Defender of the board! Play with Kitty at your own risk!

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    • I've been following kitty for a year. I still can't figure out kitty's gender.

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      • Kitty definitely a female.

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      • Don't look at me like that, RICKY, you are not my type. LOL, you think a she won't slash and burn and teach others that SNTS was a gem all this time and tell shorts they were going to get fried all the way up from single digits. On the other other hand what male would have the balls of steal this KITTY has? MOST men are such wimps playing video games instead of doing research and buying SNTS early. Just saying. Some men should have bought TONS, I mean TONS a long time ago by finding out about this one. I have all my shares and didn't sell yet. That also took something of guts or balls. I think it was the great management. Some of you Men (if you are men or mice or whatever, girls), have helped me greatly with some things I didn't really have nailed down, like Khumb on the PAR case (that was a superb call with updates. I am really liking Earnings_Clue on eyeing up this earnings call. There are many others and it helps keep one grounded and focused long term. BTW, I learned to let winners run or you end up paying a lot of fees and taxes. I made money on DEPO PDUFA play for Gralise, but would have been better off not trading at all and selling after the PDUFA. SNTS, I said I will not trade and it has worked out so far. I know many of you had shares way before me, so I am not bragging and can appreciate that we had a similar strategy here. I like to get in while a stock is wounded from a fixable issue (or what looks like it can work out in the end). This one has really beat my expectations from when I was buying in the low $3's. $21, is huge. Thanks guys/gals for all your support, I really value that on this board.

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      • I believe he is absolutely a male. I just hope he found a companion as smart as he is--there are a lot of smart/ beautiful women out there! I imagine him living in Texas or maybe Calif. or Mich.--sitting back near his pool in a very big and beautiful home enjoying counting his substantial MONEY!! : )
        Old Guys are never totally wrong!

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