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  • bbondslf25 bbondslf25 Jun 24, 2013 12:16 PM Flag

    What the hell happened to this stock? It's personality changed completely

    I mean, prior to 2 or so months ago... we had a year of similar patterns...we'd see steady growth week after week.... and we'd see down days of 3% here or there, but steady growth week after week.. now it seems to have formed this new personality... where we have days like this were we see it just tank big... and then recover... I'm not going to complain cause I have found ways to make money during this and ive made a lot since the single digits... but I will say that its changed personality from what it was before... we are not seeing steady gains anymore..wonder what changed...

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    • The entire market is in a wait-and-see mode ahead of earnings and, in my opinion will sell off a bit in the next week. SNTS doesn't report earnings until August 8, so no one's desperate to own it right now. However, as we approach that date we will probably see the share price reflect expectations and move up again.

    • AbbVie also on the downswing, so SNTS not alone. Both stocks more volatile on market downswings. AbbVie reached $47+ this past April, now $41, won't be surprised if it drops to $40 or lower. Could be computer program trading, there's been articles about us retail investors being at a disadvantage. Perfectly legal, so we must all accept it.

    • My most recent suggestion to What happened to the stock is that SNTS stock securities were somehow included in a kind of trading pool which is linked to NASDAQ logarithmicaly both in time and chart. The stock is software traded.

    • When there is bad news that effects the market these high PE stocks always get the #$%$ kicked out of them. Smart money avoids them like the plague and unfortunately everyone is not a true investor, but more of a fast change artist trying to game the stock market. If you are an investor and have conviction than stay the course. There is always a lot of information affecting the markets that people do not always read correctly. The easing had to happen eventually and it is better to taper then pull out the rug. The bond market dwarfs the stock market in size and those traders already decided that rates would be going up. All Bernake can do now is keep the process orderly.

    • Cramer got involved....period

    • Folks making money and then cashing in would explain some, others changing their minds and walking away from it. Market selloff another reason, and this stock being a tad volatile so gets hit harder.

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    • I think it's a simple issue of valuation equilibrium. When we got into this stock it was severely undervalued, driving steady gains. I'm sure at this point, several people will jump in with some projected sales figures to show that the stock is still undervalued-- which I completely agree with. Still a lot of upside to see here. But it's gained a lot of pps in the past 6 months, so seems reasonable to expect it to lose a little momentum while we wait for updated sales guidance or other catalysts. This little dip here is a superb buying opportunity for those who didn't get in under $20.
      SNTS @12.38

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    • I am with you here bbonds. This stock had it's own swagger regardless of the market conditions. Its seems now days that we are caught in the same funnel cloud that is the market. Has all of the buyers dried up or are they on the sidelines waiting to see if the market stablizes and whether SNTS can still execute. I could see the case if SNTS needed debt to fund its operations, or if economic conditions could cause job loss equaling insurance loss, which could minimize perscriptions. However, the Fed is stopping the free money for the exact opposite reason. So, the market is acting like a drug addict that's in rehab, trying to kick the habit. Should be interesting to see how this thing plays out in the next few weeks.

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