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  • creedheed creedheed Oct 7, 2013 10:02 AM Flag

    My bad

    My comments here are only for the non-Ms on the board, those who don't possess anywhere near the intellect of the Ms and who are just Average Joes trying to make a little money for themselves and their pitiful, inconsequential non-M families.

    My comments here are only for non-Ms that may be a bit perplexed by the recent price action due to that inferior intellect and who weren't shrewd enough to buy into a fledgling, money losing, speculative stock years ago but who might have just recently come to know, like what they see and have invested or are contemplating investing a little piece of their pittance in a company called Santarus.

    And excuse me and my OBJECTIVE commentary in attempt to share 20+ years of "Street" experience with those non-Ms who may be new to the stock and/or cannot afford the luxury, due to their sorry excuse of a life, of a significant drawdown of their funds without experiencing some personal turmoil.

    My bad.

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    • "Street Experience" - wonder if Joe's should follow the M's? Some who followed Warren Buffett made out all right in the past.

    • It does not matter whether you are sincere or not when you say you are trying to help unsophisticated investors. You clearly have an agenda because of your tireless efforts in posting your viewpoint on this stock. This stock is clearly being forced down as someone is trying to accumulate a large position. Anyone who reads tapes can see blocks of 30k being spread over different ECN's. This has been occurring for a over a month now all the while no major distributions from institutions. Interestingly, your ranting and price predictions started around the same time. Whether or not your agenda is to shake out weak hands or scare potential buyers, your definitely not acting like the long (you profess to be). Perhaps your timing is coincidence, but you act like a basher much more than you act like an individual investor.

      This stock is going down in price not because it is over-valued or becuase you "called it', but because a hedge fund wants in below $22 and are trying very hard to hide the accumulation by using multiple ECN's. Hedge funds need to produce returns and since we are now in the 4th qtr., my bet is this stock will continue to languish until ER or some other catalyst spurs buying.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Nice, you talk about ave. Joe's buying a stock that they can do their own DD on to buy if they please and how they are failures and will lose on SNTS because they are somehow tricked into buying it, while you recommend MCRI, a casino, where many more will be taken advantage of, and many families will be ruined. Oh and by the way, genius, nice cup and handle on that one, down 3% today. Way to pump. Hypocrite.

    • U the same X-pert call for $17, mayB not time to blow ur own horn?

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