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  • diemakerall diemakerall Oct 14, 2008 12:06 AM Flag

    Just read about this stock..

    Oh, sorry, didn't mean to offend. But I'm opening a shell--er--I mean company next week and I hope you contribute--I mean invest!!! QMNM stock sells for less than compost--and compost is good for the garden. You ain't making any $$ here.
    My PNK is SUCKR....
    Now remember you saw it here before you got your Pennystock E-Mail.

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    • I don't subscribe to or read that pennystock shit. But the fact that some say they are pumping QMNM means that it is probably about to pop again. I love those trading opportunities. And no, I don't want any of the shell you are sarcastically peddling.

      Aside from that, I have checked QMNM out more than you can possibly know. You are right, it is on sale right now. Which would you rather have, QMNM stock or compost? I am fortunate to have plenty of both. If you aren't buying, lets see who checks back here later next year and kicks themself in the ass. Cya.

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      • You know, qs, I do this for fun....almost 3o years ago I bought a penny mining--North Lily--(go look it up) 3000 shrs @ $1 and I bought 5000 shrs of Burmah Oil at 15/ wife thought I was crazy....long story short--NLMC puked (as 99% of miners--check out CDE) and Burmah--which made Hasting Petroleum products split 2 fer ran to 5 then was bought out by BP at 12...
        Miners DON'T make money for the investors....
        And no---I don't OWN a share of this outfit--and neither should you...wanna speculate---go to a casino...This ain't investing...
        Good Luck---oh I was point man also, with the 25th Inf Div (4/23) Tay Ninh 1968!

      • Just ignore the fool. You and I have done our homework and it's our money to invest, no matter how stupid it seems to some. At this share price, it's no more risky than playing Vegas...