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  • wellsliq wellsliq Jun 8, 2011 4:48 PM Flag

    What is going on here?

    Every time you turn around somebody is saying this is a great stock. Just recently Alpha came up with a buy.
    Evidently, this company is more like a finance company basically just renting boats, which is being hammered in this economy.
    It is very fishy that this company is being touted by Dahlman Rose(going to 24) the Fools, and others and the more they are touted the lower the price goes.
    Is this company tied into the phony Chinese
    Accounting? There are too many players here that are momenteum movers.
    Is this stock being shorted to be acquired also at a cheap price? The instituteees are apparently just waiting in the wings.
    I don't know what the short is on this stock but I would guess very large.
    So when is the Pop coming? The Fools said this is a great stock that will have a tremendous increase in dividends next quarter. Interesting how they know thay. So, show me the money. Something fishy is going on here.

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    • I agree with your comments. I can't trade either. I just see the current environment in our country posing high risk for many equity price levels, this being one of them. I believe if the Republicans and the White House could get a debt limit increase agreed to with like spending cuts, the market would react in a strong positive way. The converse seems to me to be a real threat current market index levels. As you say, looking forward in time makes this a strong buy here. Just no fun to watch it get killed this summer. I think it is very reasonable to expect a reversal sometime between now and the next ex dividend date. I bought another thousand yesterday. I agree that this might bounce some, but the overriding story seems to be the federal deficit and legislative stalemate over it.

    • Well good luck to you of course. The stress you can leave behind if you take the long-term view.

      There's nothing wrong with profiting from a pull-back etc. The problem is that in the long run you get left behind doing this and lower your total return. Most people think they are better at trading than they actually are, and attribute lucky trades to skill and insight... convincing themselves that they can do the same again and again. With very few exceptions they can't.

    • You have me on the divident point. There is nothing wrong, however, with watching the overall investor sentiment and trying to advantage from it. I already can buy back in after receiving the last dividend at over $10,000 less than I received from selling last week. What's wrong with that? YOu got a problem benefiting from correctly determining the current term market sell off? I don't care how good this investment is. I learned that today's market routinely and irrationally punishes good investments. In 2008 I watched my portfolio fall by over a million, held on, and recovered all and more of that. What I didn't recover was the stress and ravage on me and my spouse from this huge gyration. I now manage to protect my capital. That takes moves like I just made from time to time. I bought a thousand yesterday. Have about 7000 more shares to buy this summer as this likely gets hit some more.

    • reminds me of PUDA which had nothing but
      rave reviews and tanked until they found
      dishonesty in management. stock has yet
      to reopen after losing huge amount.
      Call me suspicious, but i'm not even close to buying a Chinese
      stock again.

    • I dumped out of tanker stocks at a loss and took up a new position here. Great outward growth, and containerships are in demand with that demand only set to rise. China will continually grow year over year and SSW is in a great position to grow right along as well. The pull back with monetary policy is temporary as China struggles with inflation, but the growth cannot be stifled forever.

      Bullish for long and even short term gains.

      And hey - a dividend! =))

      Good buy @ $15 with lots of upside.

    • All shipping stocks hit as they are lumped together irrespective of which segment they operate in. See also PRGN, DSX,SB etc.Fundamentals for dry bulk and oil tankers very poor , but SSW operates in container segment.

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      • I sold with great reluctance last week after riding this down for weeks. I bought into this at lower levels months ago. I sold because I am scared about the macro economic situation. I remember real well what happened to this during the 2008 market sell off. I realize that their contracts are firm, but what happens if the world economy turns further South? Does anyone else see this as the major counter to all the good cash flow news lined up for this company? I have targeted this for a long term income earning position, but am damned fed up with our government screwing up our recovery with idiology ruling out proven pro growh principles.

    • Actually the business model is most like a commercial REIT. Instead of long term Office Building leases there are long term ship leases. I can sympathize with anyone that bought recently as this stock is a high beta relatively low volume trader that gets peppered with hight frequency trading. Concern that I have is that it constantly gets lumped with Bulk and Tanker shippers that rely on short term rates and BDI. Seaspan builds and leases container ships and cash flow is much more stable.

    • great_toy Jun 8, 2011 6:22 PM Flag

      Nothing fishy, just basic technical retracement.

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