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  • tugboat11360 tugboat11360 Dec 3, 2003 8:45 PM Flag

    Today's dip ...

    is clearly explained. See:

    Once again, the share price is stuck in a trading range between competing institutions. There is a seller parked at 2.52 but there is a patient accumulator biding his/her time.

    This pattern has lasted a week or so. I would imagine that in the 3rd or 4th of Dec. the situation will be resolved. New money will start coming into new positions and this micro cap has a great great chart pattern.

    Unless the general Market collapses, the resolution will be clearly to the upside. It's certainly a higher level consolidation.


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    • API held where it should have on the close.
      The chart lookd fine. Thanks for your post on Thompson.

    • Tug, do you know of any link between Northrop Grumman and API? I noted yesterday that Northrop was awarded a huge contract from the Air Force for missle defense.

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      • << link between Northrop Grumman and API >>

        Kurtz cited both Ratheon and Northrop as inportant customers of API. He just did not identify either with regard to specific programs.

        For sure, Western countries will find themselves in a long term semi-religious war with terrorist groups.

        In the long run, it may be cheaper to invest the funds needed to protect potential targets than to play the probability game of how many losses can be anticipated and sustained before public order loses it's grip and begins to panic.

        That is, as tragic as the events of 9/11 were (more lives lost than in the Pearl Harbor attack) it was the aftermath of 9/11 that is a story which is still unfolding.

        Technology will be key. Manpower is too expensive and politically incorect to use for this purpose. Actually it's just a matter of the DOD identifying the objectives and then seeding the development with fundings. Private enterprise competition and innovation will take over from there.


        PS: New topic - Let 'em post. It's a public forum and anyone is entitled to say whatever they want. Except when they become offensive or abusive, then they get referred to the cyber cops at YHOO.

        However, while anyone can post, there is no obligation to respond. Try it. Then notice how strident the points become. Eventually the "agenda" will be revealed.

    • You're wasting your time with Thomsonfn and predicting this pos. There is no magic that this pos has hit its highs and it's time to go down and fill the gap at $1.75. API future is very disappointing and soon that will reflect in its PPS. Sell now and save yourself a lot of headache.