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  • cash_is_king_now cash_is_king_now Feb 12, 2004 1:51 PM Flag


    EAG is one but not only one. The reason I like EAG at this time is General dynamic deal and then IBM recent deal. That's remind of Micro soft when IBM gave them the deal of century and little Micro soft has become today's Micro soft. New tech and R&D will pay off and USA is USA because of inventions.

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    • As a holder of API and EAG I would say that all arguments have validty. BUT, I see API as the gentle plodder that will grow in time. Perhaps buying and selling more often is a strategy that some might apply. I for one would like more PR out of these guys to help us to support our goals.

      As to EAG, both IBM and GD agreements are of huge signficance as they deliver credibility that was lacking up to this point. Hell, a year ago API was not much more market cap then argued makes EAG a bad buy - just no so!

    • Except their inventions don't sell, never did, never will. They have had deals with SAIC and GD in past that lead to constant drop in sales. Look at past three or four years of q's. Every quarter but one is down from previous quarter's. They are shrinking. Issuing shares constantly to stay alive. Even had to pay managers in shares because they were out of cash. If this is what your DD tells you is a good company, you may want to step back and read some books on investing. In spite of day traders manipulation and bs from company, EAG is about as poor an investment as you can find. So, if you don't like API, I take that as a blessing. Thank you. I will buy some more.