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  • short_is_good_baboly short_is_good_baboly Aug 19, 2005 6:01 PM Flag

    What a cash cow short is API

    I'm laughing at you dumb longs. You must be kidding to buy this loser above $3. No smart institution in its right mind even look at API. This is death row for novice investors. Those who bought API low and still holding must be crazy. API must earn more than $.22/shr to hold current PPS. Do you think a company that increased its shares by 30% and went under heavy debt while interest rate is going high can support that income?
    Just a thought for you.

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    • A thought for you. If you have read all the posts about the tray technology and the sles and earnings momentum, which I dincerely doubt you have, then you would not make such an absurd statement. .05 for this quarter will garner 5, 6 or 7 dollars a share. And, remember this is a unique tech stock with a breakout technology. Let the games begin.
      Check back in two months and we will see who is right.

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      • Wow, you scared me and now I have to short API to overcome my fears. How many years have you been in this market my friend? 10, 20. Some investors just die to know API current unsustainable PPS. It's money sitting in the bank. Some fool are dreaming of retirement with a stock that barely can stay above $3. How many stocks have you seen to double in a short time based on some dream pipe and then go back to the same place that started? If Pico was such a good deal to make API rich in just few weeks and how come nobody else didn't discovere it?

    • You forgot to recommend Strong Sell!!! Or you want to go long at lower prices!!?? If it's the latter you are interested in, MBs have no effect whatsoever on PPS. I personally recommend that you go short though!!