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  • starkbaddin starkbaddin Jan 16, 2011 10:41 AM Flag

    Calpers and BONY Increases Position In LLEN

    Three large institutions increased their stake in LLEN as of 12/31.

    The shorts will lose with big boys like this increasing their position.......

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    • This confirms my DD and 6th sense about LLEN.,
      plus all the recent rumors by wanna be buyers

    • Generally, I agree.

      I waited for SCEI until after the offering. Anyone buying CELM right now will be zapped when they announce the share price for their secondary (trying to raise 50 million). Look at ABAT when it placed its secondary, or PUDA. Or your example, CBEH.

      I'm willing to take the 10-15% possible haircut short term, if it happens. I consider LLEN to be trading about 40% below its fair value for the Chinese small cap space.

      LLEN could also place shares privately at 9 if the PPS runs into the 10s (your 10% discount). I was far more worried about buying LLEN when it was in the 11s...I had sold all my LLEN at 13.15 in early December.

      The bad case scenario for waiting is if the company announces equity financing for any expansion.

    • Bank of NY added 21,000 shares.

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      • The question is...did these funds increase because LLEN became part of the select nasdaq or did they do DD and decided that it was worth a new position or increasing their stake?

        A quick glance at institutions seems to show that they are generally adding to their positions with a few selling. This gives some confidence in the stock.

        I am very close to deciding whether I should just shut my eyes and pay attention ONLY to company PR's rather than all the noise on the boards and in the "fake" business blogs which serve only to make me anxious. My head says this is a good investment for the future. OR...set a stop which will probably hit as it continues to sink on irrational fears the result of which would be to lock in loss and having far less shares IF indeed all proves good and it rises FAST.

        I will be leaving the state for a few weeks so this decision must be made today...I don't need these funds for a year and it is hard to image we will be in all this uncertainty a year from now. One would think that within 6 months we will have news regarding an auditor that will calms the market, news of an acquisition that will ensure future growth, and news that their revenue stream is in fact REAL, and finally news that the Bowie loan is indeed a first step to an international footprint.

        As for me I have yet to decide but at this moment my tendency is to not put in a stop and ride whatever wave down for the sake of catching the anticipated tsunami ride up. Of course, there is a chance that the blogs are right in which case the move down will be hard and recovery will not happen. The only think that keeps my anxiousness alive is the silence from the company AND frankly the fact that the last conference call was done without a web live presence. I wondered, why the change...what are they avoiding? Perhaps the latest filing was the fly in the ointment?? Now that it is out...any fall in price should in time be met with a much stronger move up.

        Good luck,


        P.S. LPH is another one with great potential, fairly misunderstood, cleaning up their reporting, but clearly a possibility of a double within the year and perhaps a double in the next year.

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