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  • buryyourmoney buryyourmoney Aug 23, 2011 12:28 PM Flag

    Short Action Down 14% from Prior Month

    clear indication price expected to hold or grow. Winter is coming and increased use of coal.

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    • wheelbarrow, Here is my interpretation of the chart. LLEN got hammered and then it started a trendline up, then the Glaucus piece came out on Aug. 1 and LLEN got a double hammering. I think at some point in the not too distant future (days, weeks) investors are going to choose a company supplying coal to China, and LLEN is going to bounce right back to that trendline and move up from there.

      That being said, the whole market is very precarious right now and the only small cap stock I am currently holding is LLEN--and the reason I'm holding LLEN is because LLEN is so undervalued and is at such a ridiculously low multiple. Also, China desperately needs coal-so, I don't think coal prices are going to drop that much even if the economy tanks- and LLEN does not have to import the coal to China, so I think they are in a great industry to take advantage of China's need. China is going to need this coal, disregardless of what the general economy does. They are going to buy every ounce of coal LLEN is able to produce. I think the investing public is going to realize the position LLEN is in and they are going to gravitate to this stock even though most stocks are decreasing.

      Be REAL careful going long with stocks right now as the economy could be sinking into another recession and a there is a good chance that a lot of stocks are going to get hammered bad! Learn how to short the market and get real familiar and start tracking ETF's and ETN's. Gold is going to rise to heights never seen before and even it is going to tank when it gets overbought. The next few months might be an opportunity to ride the market to the downside.

      The reason the economy and market might tank is because our president and most of the congress and senate have been making all the wrong policy moves over the last 3 years and they have added a over $4 Trillion in debt to the country in the process. If Obama gets re-elected, our economy is toast IMO. He doesn't have a clue on how to run the largest economy in the world. There is a looming major debt crises and Obama is going to come back with more of the same failed policy initiatives. For him to change would mean that he would have to admit that their actions have been dead wrong--and I think Obama and the progressive have too big of ego's to ever admit they were wrong. I hope this doesn't happen, but it very well could.

      Here are a couple of good articles on the economy and the debt crises. Worth reading.

    • Institutions no doubt have the largest short position on this stock. Here's the chart for LLEN--I could be wrong--but, I believe when this stock moves, it is going to make a quick move back up to the trendline setting up before the Glaucus piece came out. A lot is predicated on what happens in Europe and what the fed comes up with on Friday's meeting.

    • You're talking about the data as of July 29th aren't you? The new short interest figures should be out real soon. I think tomorrow actually.

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