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  • colelittle96 colelittle96 Jan 28, 2013 6:40 PM Flag

    Where is the volume?

    Dang, you would think if something was up there would be a increase in volume. This has so much potential and I can see it from Ohio. At the same time it scares me, spooky.

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    • cwshannon Jan 29, 2013 9:46 PM Flag

      Not an expert on shorting (at all), but I think the shorts closed out their positions completely. Was stumbling around the web avoiding studying and came across a short ratio chart on LLEN. It is basically zero as of today. To me that seems like a good indicator.

    • hey colelittel. i am near warren ohio, what city do you live nearby? i have been in llen from 2 to 15 and back down to 2 again...held the entire time , wish i had a do over...

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      • Hi Cyber, live in Zanesville. Traveled through Warren and stopped by Warren High School and took a picture of my son at their stadium....I believe Mollenkouph? We were at a camp in Youngstown and we stopped at all the big program fields. Drove up to the lake to Ashtabula to see where Urban Meyer played ball. This was 5 years ago.

        Anyway, have bought this a few times and sold quickly, most buys were under 2 bucks. Have my largest position in them now. Figured we would be at 3 bucks. Man just when you think you figured it out, the market goes the other way. Feel for you and hope you return to higher levels. Would have cleared 15k more last year if I just would have took my profits at reasonable level. Hopefully, we move up from here. This company is a mix bag. One minute I see the potential and the next minute I think they are a Chinese scam. Hope they dual list. Good Luck.

    • at this point although an american company, which many do not realize, they are associated with the china small caps and that equals beware fraud and scares a lot of people away. they just do not want to take the chance as well as american coal companies are in the dumps and this is associated with coal even though long term china demand forecast is huge growth in demand. some reasons they report great earnings and it goes nowhere. there just is not the demand for the stock yet. no demand, no great rise, but if they stay clean and consistently grow it will take off someday. as long as they stay honest and grow.

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