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  • unemon1 unemon1 Jul 20, 2013 10:31 AM Flag

    Soma material For LLENers ... ...

    LLENers... probably the worst investors on earth at performing DD ... ...

    They can not even discover potentially positive facts/developments about LLEN ... ah ah ah ... how amateurish!? are you all Mark Jensen's students?... lol

    you cansee the shenhua (ex) guy ...

    美国利维能源公司(L&L Energy Inc)董事长迪克森•李一行到低碳所考察


    6月18日,美国利维能源公司(L&L Energy Inc)董事长迪克森·李一行到低碳所考察。

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    • mitchpit11 Jul 20, 2013 11:49 AM Flag

      Below is the translation of the piece unemon1 provided (Google translator was used).

      I do not see how this can be taken as a negative. L&L were visiting some research centre in China to discuss low carbon projects. This in fact sounds positive to me,
      as it appears L&L is concerned about carbon pollution from coal and wants to explore methods to reduce it.
      Please give us the rest of the article, we can translate. I am sure one can find more positive comments
      about the company.

      Crude translation:

      U.S. energy companies Levy (L & L Energy Inc) • Lee Dixon, chairman of the inspection line to a low-carbon

      Published :2013 -06-18

      June 18, the U.S. energy company Levy (L & L Energy Inc) Lee Dixon, chairman of the inspection line to a low-carbon.
      Jiang cultural personnel director to visit the city of the future science and technology innovation base with Shenhua overall planning, guided tour of the research laboratories. Subsequently, the two sides held a forum to introduce the carbon to the visiting staff of the research project, research and innovation and other aspects of the situation, the two sides on carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) and other areas of the exchange.
      The departments responsible for low-carbon, accompanied by inspection.

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