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  • thewhiteshark8 thewhiteshark8 Aug 24, 2013 9:31 PM Flag

    Questions for ASM


    1. Why no shares buy back?
    2. Why no insiders buying?
    3. Why LLEN is not yet name a consolidator?
    4. Why do we keep CEO & BOD chairman same person? We need to separate those positions.
    5. What is the deal with Pump PR's; Bowie, Port, Auditor, Website, etc. .... Those equals failures to deliver.
    6. Why no bank financing & explain logic of the deal with Ironridge?
    7. Will TDR happen before Dec'13?
    8. Where do we stand with Union Energy? Are they still a partner and shareholders - 3m shares?
    9. Can they provide EPS guidance for FY 2014? If not, why? (stop BS about potential acquisitions)
    10. Transparency? Can they explain their definition?

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    • Another Question: Dear Mr. Lee, coud you comment on the Magic Number?

    • 11. How much fund will be raised from TDR placement? And what's the appropriation of such fund in relation to the business development(s) in TaiWan? How will these developments be align with the current business strategy of the Company?
      12. Will the TDR prospectus provide EPS guidance and project EPS from the business development in Tai Wan?
      13. I recall that LLEN mentioned previously they had financing arrangement (Factoring) with bank in Beijing to enhance wholesale business. Has this arrangement been completed and being utilized?
      14. Datang has been a sizable customer of LLEN. What is the credit term and how is their payment performance? Is there any measure to deal with / mitigate the risk of over concentration?

    • Thewhiteshart,

      I like your list of questions. I would add a 11th question:

      11. Is it true that Mr. Lee opposed many times against the Upgrade of the Company's Auditor (to a b4 firm)? If this information is true, while were the Company & Lee telling shareholder they were in the process of upgrading the Auditor?

      I also like question Number 5.

      You should also ask to the Company about the MOUs announces in September 2011. According to the Announcement the company had signed MOUs to acquire 14-15 coal mines in the Guizhou Province. Since then, the Company has never mentioned it again! What is going on?

      What about all the partnership announcements? Most of the announcement never resulted in any progress. See AVIC.

    • The YB rejected my post of 11 questions here. So I turned to SH. Feel free to visit and comment.

    • Heres my attempt:
      1. As a shareholder I would prefer money going to acquisitions not to satisfy those that scream for buy back or dividends.
      2. CFO just bought 33,333 this past week..See SEC form 4
      3. Doesn't need to be..Can acquire both in North and South without being named one. And will qualify for minimum production with mines already owned with organic growth. Also can be conglomerate of Union and already qualify.
      4. 99% of CEOs are on their own Board.
      5. Imo, responding to bashers lies, Bowie returned LLEN's investment with interest already read 10-k, port deals may be coming soon, imo KPMG will eventually be LLEN auditor, I have no prob with Website.
      6. Bank financing is alternative in any southern acquisitions, in fact banks wanted to hire Syd Peng to help them evaluate mines for them
      7. Yes imo
      8. Big yes
      9. Gave good guidance in 10k and CC..Already produced 700,000 tons ending April 2013 with $1.03 eps. Expect annual run rate of 1.2 million tons by end of 2013 just organically. Add acquisitions and wholesale growth..maybe another 500,000-1m tons depending on % owned of acquisitions. Exact eps depending on shares and price per coal. Most U.S. companies drop guidance because shorts use it to attact.
      10. Transparecy greatly improved, but If Obama and Hilary cant tell us the truth about worldwide events, why do we not complain about that but hang big business?

      • 2 Replies to stirfry123
      • The CFO did not buy 33,333 shares last Week! It was a grant!

      • Here are my questions for why would you be short here?

        1. KPMG just gave unqualified opinion for both 2011 and 2012..they were the years shorts screamed financial fraud but no proven otherwise
        2. Why would LLEN hire KPMG if they committed financial fraud in 2013?
        3. Why would you short after CFO just bought $700,000 worth of stock at $2.20..wouldnt he know things?
        4. Why be short if anytime Lee can go private any price above book? ($5.50)
        5. Why be short after they hired BUYINs and Harvey Pitt ex SEC chairman to report any MM/broker dealer illegalities?
        6. Why short if dual listing on TDR coming where average pe ratios are 22?
        7. If you knew anything about the huge success of Yang and Syd Peng's reputation..I would be nuts to be short.

    • I agree with most all those questions...I hope someone is able to go and hand deliver them. Though the first question was answered at the time it was PR'd in that they said if something else comes up they would use funds for that as a way to bring shareholder value. I assume this coming acquisition is that item though I still don't understand why go north? I would love to have #3, 4,6,7, and 8 answered. I would guess they could not give guidance if they are about to add a large mine, right? All I want to know is that will it be accretive or HIGHLY accretive! Now that would be a question to add.


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