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  • sharpeiweb sharpeiweb Oct 3, 2013 6:19 PM Flag

    The Wave, Elliott style...

    (from Wikipedia on ElliottWave): 'Wave four is typically clearly corrective. Prices may meander sideways for an extended period, and wave four typically retraces less than 38.2% of wave three (see Fibonacci relationships below). Volume is well below than that of wave three. This is a good place to buy a pull back if you understand the potential ahead for wave 5. Still, fourth waves are often frustrating because of their lack of progress in the larger trend.' A change of trend is overdue. Sharpei

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    • Re: S - s&P
      as long as 1659 spx holds, we have to believe this pull back is a wave 4 and a wave 5 up will follow. If it starts breaking lower from 1659 spx, then we can explore other options.
      We know the sell off from the high doesn't have an impulse look to it even tho it appears to be a fairly strong sell off. The low fits best as an "A" of 4, OR all of wave 4.
      But we also know the 5th wave back up doesn't have to make a new high.
      This is one of those times we have to wait for more information before putting on full trades again.
      The idea is to buy as close to 1659 spx support as possible with a stop one point below it.
      The second trade would be to sell the top of the next 5 legger up with a big position. My gut tells me they won't make the top of the next 5 legger up easy to identify. Also, it will have to do a 1,2,3 up and sell off in another wave 4 before the 5 is complete.

    • Thats too funny, you are trying to you pseudo TA on a stock that got hammered in price overnight and is in a position to go either direction based on news or other announcements in a short period. I love it,

    • Buy and sell targets???

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      • Big surprise...LLEN is the hardest stock to chart using TA. But, a guess would be that we will find a low tomorrow (Typically if LLEN starts the week moving lower it doesn't stop til Friday.) The chart looks like we could get a big run. We should start a Wave 5 here very soon...but, most of my projections have proven me wrong. Monday morning needs to bring with it the report we have been waiting for-a catalyst for the reversal. Sharpei

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